Re: Resizing DialogBox along with controls inside it

"Tom Serface" <>
Mon, 22 Jun 2009 08:54:59 -0700
In these cases I typically just make the control large enough to accomodate
the largest size font I would use. Too much room is better than too little
where you get truncated descriptions.

If you always want a different font, why not change it in the dialog editor
and they you can see how it affects the controls right in the editor.


"p_1960" <> wrote in message

im using the below code to resize the Dialog during im
overriding DoModal()
CTestDlgDlg is my application name....

INT_PTR CTestDlgDlg::DoModal()

CDialogTemplate dlt;
int nResult;
// load dialog template
//CTestDlg::IDD is the ID of my resoource...
if (!dlt.Load(MAKEINTRESOURCE(CTestDlg::IDD))) return -1;

// set your own font, for example "Arial", 10 pts.
dlt.SetFont(L"Arial", 12);

// get pointer to the modified dialog template
LPSTR pdata = (LPSTR)GlobalLock(dlt.m_hTemplate);

// let MFC know that you are using your own template
m_lpszTemplateName = NULL;

// display dialog box
nResult = CDialog::DoModal();

// unlock memory object

return nResult;

The issue is every control in the DialogBox is getting increased except
checkbox,Radio button..please let me know how can i increase the size of
checkbox,RadioButton inside the DialogBox during Runtime in this case....

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