Re: GetFileVersionInfo returns 1812 for files with no access rights....

"Mark Salsbery [MVP]" <MarkSalsbery[MVP]@newsgroup.nospam>
Thu, 3 Jan 2008 13:30:10 -0800

I get where you and Joe are coming from.... my point was, given your
original post, you picked a random EXE. What if that EXE didn't have a
VERSIONINFO resource? If the resource is there, then yes, the error code is
useless :)


Mark Salsbery
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++

"Kerem GLmrLkcL" <> wrote in message

Hi Mark,

I don't see anything documented that states GetFileVersionInfo() requires
certain access rights. Why, then, would you expect it to fail?

yes you are right, but this is not the point. In fact it fails and does
not indicate that the reason is missing access rights. When a image does
not contain a valid resource block that you request, you should
get a 1812 but if you dont have access to the file you should get
a error code that makes this clear, not just a 1812 in this case.

Since the function call runs in your security context it hast the
access rights inherited from your login and security token, so if
you are granted access to the file you should be able to read it
and if you dont have access rights then it should be the right return
code given. Sure that the "request" goes through several layers
and some layer do respond a 5 so the upper does respond
another message on returning to the caller on the call stack (by
stack i mean the file system driver stack). This is what Joe said
and some "layers" mask the error and return their different sort
of error,..

When you dig a little deeper you see that IRP_MJ_CREATE
I/O Request Packet send from the Current User Context fails
with ACCESS_DENIED, so in fact this IS a access denial, though
you get a 1812 as return code,...

So this is very unclear und really useless if you always get the
1812 as result even if you have a valid resource inside the image,...

Anyway....i must rely on other mechanism to ensure (or not!) access
to the image with the resource,...

I had the same Problem on some other functions (like Joe said), if
i rememeber right, it was the Net* functions and some other socket
functions where the retunr code is not reliable,...


Beste GrLsse / Best regards / Votre bien devoue
Kerem GLmrLkcL
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