MFC VC Dll Code
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Giovanni Dicanio
Re: .def file library name
Giovanni Dicanio
Re: /MD vs /MT
Re: << run time error
A problem about CHtmlView::Navigate2
Tony Johansson
about casting
Tony Johansson
Re: about Exception
Giovanni Dicanio
Re: about static member
RE: AfxGetApp() return null
Application crashes when closed
Assertion in afxwin.inl line 24.
Allen Maki
Calling a DLL Function - Windows Server 2003
Calling sysdm.cpl from MFC....
COM, .tli problem
RE: convert VC++ code into VB6
Tom Widmer [VC++ MVP]
Re: Cost of dynamic_cast
Doug Harrison [MVP]
Re: CreateRemoteThread in DLL
Mark Salsbery [MVP]
Re: Creating DLL Entry Point
Jonathan Wood
Re: Dll doubt
Dan Bloomquist
Re: DLL export
Allen Maki
Error C2440
Re: error R6031
Excel in a browser control
Exporting static member functions
William DePalo [MVP VC++]
Re: Forms and VC++
Dan Bloomquist
Frame, View, Crash
Re: Free called instead of delete
Re: freelibrary
Alex Blekhman
Re: function in DLL
function not found in DLL
David Webber
Re: GetProcAddress Exception in XP
Re: Good design
Leo Violette
Re: GUI inside dll
Carl Daniel [VC++ MVP]
Re: Heap problems after FreeLibrary
Help wiht regular MFC DLL
Alexander Nickolov
Re: Help with a patch
Jim Johnson
import library
Re: Incorrect parameter
Lisa Pearlson
install .inf driver
Tim Roberts
Re: linker
Giovanni Dicanio
Re: Linking error
Linking error in mixed code
Loading a .dll in ActiveX
Loder Lock Problem
Doug Harrison [MVP]
Re: LPCTSTR and CString
Alex Blekhman
Re: malloc and memcpy
Re: MDAC memory leak
Memory corruption of DLL class object
Re: MFC dll and exe porting to 64-bit
Re: MFC serialization of HICON
Pete Delgado
Re: MSXML and VS2005
Re: Overwrite data_seg variable
Norbert Unterberg
Re: passing char * to dll
problem in c++ Translation
Re: Problem with linker
Problems calling a function in a DLL
Proxy/Stub issue
public function
purifiy warns about free mismatched memory
David Webber
Re: Resource DLLs
Re: Send message issue
Re: SetWindowsHookEx and WH_MOUSE
Doug Harrison [MVP]
Re: SetWindowTheme() / win2000
Re: ShellApi changes for Vista?
Re: Show Dialog from MFC Extension DLL
Bruno van Dooren [MVP VC++]
Re: Stack Overflow
Hector Santos
Re: Stay resident dll
Re: Strange CVSListBox behavior
Strange problem
Re: subst
Template class in Managed C++
unlocking a workstation
Usman Jamil
Re: User win32 dll
Ben Voigt [C++ MVP]
Re: Using legacy DLLs
Ulrich Eckhardt
RE: vs 8 bug ?
why GetFieldValue() is so slow
window from win32 dll
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