Re: File not getting deleted.

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Thu, 18 Dec 2008 05:54:19 -0800
Fix your antivirus. And use plain DeleteFile (_unlink()) for that.
SHFileOperation does too much behind the curtain (like making sure the file
is not registered anywhere), which your don't need.

<> wrote in message

      In my application I am downloading a files with the help
curllib library. After downloading I am calculating the MD5 of for the
file and checking it with MD5 I am having if that is not getting
matchaed then I am deleting the file. Now I am facing a problem that,
with certain files when downloaded and MD5 is not getting matched they
are not getting deleted. after download I am closing the file with
fclose() (it returns success in all the cases) and then deleting with
SHFileOperation() api. With cases where file is not getting deleted my
observation was fclose() was taking 5-6 seconds to close the file. The
functionality works if I put a sleep 10 seconds between fclose() and
SHFileOperation(). But I can't put that much sleep for functonality to
work. I have tried with fclose and _fcloseall() but that didn't
helped. Also while writing the file(in curllib callback) I tried
flusing it but of no use. I have a feeling that some resources are not
getting closed by fclose() even though zero(success). Or is there a
threading issue? Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

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