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hi everyone,

I've started working with MFC von VC++ and there are a few points,
which make me feel confused.GDI(Graphics Device Interface) Bitmaps are
supported in MFC by CBitmap Class right? and a DIB ist a Device
independent Bitmap.So good so far.Now a question which may seem
obvious for some of you:How do I know if I'm handling with a GDI
Bitmap or a DIB?My thought was that loading the Bitmap as resource in
a Dialog makes the Bitmap become a GDI Bitmap(so I could use the
functions LoadBitmap,CreateCompatibleDC,SelectObject,etc...) and If I
don't I'm handling with DIB.the next question is which functions are
supported by the DIB?(I guess the member functions of this class named
Thank you

A device independent bitmap (DIB) is a BITMAPINFO structure with a possible
color table and an array of pixel data bits.

The shared CImage class wraps a DIB in an MFC-like way, although it's no
longer just an MFC class.

More info on the difference between the two types of bitmaps can be found


Mark Salsbery
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++

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