Re: OnKeyDown not called for VK_DOWN or VK_RIGHT but is called for others.

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 23 Mar 2007 10:14:27 -0700
The problem is that the dialog doesn't have the focus (usually a control has
the focus) so it doesn't get the messages. You could do the keys in
PreTranslateMessage as Joe suggested. Nish wrote a nice article about it
that is an easy read. It also talkes about ProcessMessageFilter() which is
a handy feature as well.

Or you could use a specialized class like this one:

It seems like a lot of trouble to subclass every control to do this sort of
thing unless you're only using a few types. I mostly tell people to use Tab
and Shift+Tab which always seems to work and seems to be a more standard way
to do it.


"Harvey" <> wrote in message

On Mar 22, 10:18 pm, Joseph M. Newcomer <> wrote:

Ah, so now the REAL problem is stated! You are doing this in a dialog!
Yes, in a dialog,
you often have to do this in PreTranslateMessage. I don't do this; I use
it in subclassed
controls that can have focus.

So why is this? Where are the keys going? Is it documented?
Thanks Joe,

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