Re: TextOut using client coordinates instead of logical

"Harvey" <>
2 Mar 2007 07:42:27 -0800
On Mar 1, 2:48 pm, "Harvey" <> wrote:

On Mar 1, 6:17 am, "Harvey" <> wrote:

Some time ago I wrote my own CScrollView replacement (CScrlView)
because of the 16 bit limit of the MCF code (VC6 on Win98). It works
but my user class (derived view) always had an offset problem that I
worked around. I am looking at it again (a long time later) and
realize that the TextOut function is using the client coordinates
whereas the CScrollView class as a base class causes the TextOut to
use logical coordinates as the docs say.

How do I tell the base of my CScrlView (which is CView) what my offset
is. I hope this makes sense.

Ok, to answer my own question...
But have a new problem...
I used OffsetWindowOrg() as below:

void CScrlView::OnPrepareDC(CDC* pDC, CPrintInfo* pInfo)
        ASSERT(m_nMapMode == MM_TEXT)
        pDC->SetWindowOrg(0,0); // in logical units
        pDC->OffsetWindowOrg(m_Posx,m_Posy); // in logical units
        pDC->SetViewportOrg(0,0); // in device units
        CView::OnPrepareDC(pDC,pInfo); // For default Printing behavior


Now I am running into the 16-bit limit of the short int parameters of
Is there a way to fill a very large rect using the logical coordinate
system? It will actually only fill the intersection of the large rect
and the client rect (offset as needed), but that rect still needs long
Any ideas welcome.

Well, that makes it act more like CScrollView including its 16-bit
But, I found a way to get FillSolidRect() to work.
Since it is only working on what is actually visable in the client

    CRect URct=((CPaintDC *)pDC)->m_ps.rcPaint; // get actual paint
    CPoint p = GetScrollPosition();
    CRect LRct = URct; // copy and offset for logical update rect
    LRct.OffsetRect( p ); // map the update rectangle onto the logical
    pDC->FillSolidRect( BRct&LRct, MyColor ); //Fill only the visible
part of BRct
This avoids the large size calculation that results in a wrong or
negative size. It seems to work for 32 bit position values, but the
subtraction for size is broken.
This method of using FillSolidRect also works in CScrollView, But
scrolling is still broken; thus my CScrlView class.

Hope this helps others struggling with CScrollView.
Comments welcome.
(BTW, that should have been 'MFC' in original post).

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