Re: clistctrl and mouse events

Norbert Unterberg <nunterberg@newsgroups.nospam>
Mon, 30 Jun 2008 18:21:40 +0200

jc schrieb:

I have an application in which i show the data similar to excel.

since you cannot select sub items in a clistctrl i use custom draw to
show the item that has been selected by changing the background color
and use all the navigation key to move around the spread sheet.

when i wanted to select an area i select top left corner and then with
the shift key depressed i select the bottom right and the area is
i would like to do the normal way. in which i use the mouse and select
a rectangular area.

i tried to capture the mousemove, but i can capture the event when
the left button is not pressed.
once i press the left button and move the mouse, i don't see any
mousemove event

it starts with lbuttondown
then setcursor
and then as i move the mouse all i get is a lot of wm_notify

how do i get the current mouse coordinate

You are extending the list control, but you are talking about WM_NOTIFY.
WM_NOTIFY is sent to the control's parent, so I assume you are trying to control
the list control from the "outside".

I think the classic approach to enhance a control is to subclass the control
(note that with subclass I mean the windows way of subclassing a window, not the
C++ way), which is quite easy with MFC. You then get full control over all mouse
messages just by adding the standard OnMouseXxx handlers.


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