Re: strange crush when using template singleton class

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Sat, 17 Mar 2007 21:22:15 -0700
See if that's related to

"andrew" <user@earth> wrote in message

" Yes you will, as per the spec. This is trivially demonstrated, e.g.:"

No, in my opinion, it's not trivial at all to demonstrate if it's true or
not to use that template singleton implementation safely.
The only way is to know exactly what standards the VC++ 2003 compiler

I have just modified the template singleton class not to use the static
variable inside Instance( ) method.
I allocated it by new.
This requires a Release( ) method added to singleton (which i wanted to
avoid from the first place) but it removed the problems I had.
I had the same strange behaviour even with classes which where not
inherited from the Singleton< > and had their own Instance( ) method with
static variable inside.
After I made all classes to be singletons and have their inner objects
allocated by new, all problems were gone.
At one point It seemed like I had multiple copies of the same object.

I will do some small test application in order to see if the behaviour
with the first implementation can be reproduced.
In the mean while, if you have any other ideas\hints about this please
I find it very inteersting.

thank you

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