Re: I need to LoadString() programmatically based on ID not Value

"David Ching" <>
Tue, 23 Jun 2009 16:14:08 -0700
"Cadwell" <> wrote in message

I am localizing a application that has over 40 projects.

Currently in our application we have some global strings that are accessed
by all the projects. To facilitate localization I need to transfer these
strings into a .rc file.

The problem is that I don't want to have copies of these strings in each
projects .rc file. I would like to place the strings in one .rc file and
them accessible to the other projects. To accomplish this I have created a
singleton COM object that retrieves strings from the rc file. The other
projects have access to this COM object and that is how the global strings
are shared.

Well that is what I would like to do. Short of passing in the actual
nIDs to the COM object I can't figure out how to get the strings out of
.rc file. Ideally I would like the client call to look like this.

               CString sTranslated =

So that means that pIGlobalString::GetString needs to convert a BSTR with
the resource ID to the resource VALUE for LoadString().

I am open to suggestions or alternate ideas. It seems like this might be
possible using FindResource and EnumResourceNames, but I am not sure how
go about using those as they are fairly cryptic.

I implemented a system like this which took a string instead of a UINT to
lookup the string resource, but I did not use LoadString at all, I placed
the strings in an XML file, e.g.

    <string id="IDS_SOME_STRING">Some string</string>

Then used readily available XML parser to lookup the requested

-- David

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