Re: Problem with MFC application that uses win32.dll file

"Frank Hickman [MVP]" <>
Thu, 15 Jun 2006 05:54:21 -0400
"Aleks" <> wrote in message

(I'm using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 6.0)

I made win32.dll file-CppAIRPlug.dll with these project properties:
- precomplied header - automatically
- run- time library - Debug/Multithreaded DLL (depending of prepocessor
- not using MFC classes

After that I made testing of CppAIRPlug.dll functions by making win32
Console application. I included static library CppAIRPlug.lib and folder
header files and it worked without any problems. (win32 application
properties were the same one as in project where I made CppAIRPlug).

Next step is to integrate use CppAIRPlug.dll functions in MFC application
that already exist. MFC application properties are:
- precomplied header - Stdafx.h
- run- time library - Debug/Multithreaded (depending of prepocessor
- using MFC classes in static link
When I include header files that belong to CppAIRPlug.dll and static
mapped to CppAIRPlug.dll (as same as in tested win32 application that
properly) while building application I got problems in header files like:

CoreIncludeCoreInclude\JSocket.h(293) : error C2501: 'SOCKET' : missing
storage-class or type specifiers
\JSocket.h(293) : error C2501: 'mySocket' : missing storage-class or type

Why it worked fine with win32 application and it doesn't work with MFC
application when all files (CppAIRPlug.dll, CppAIRPlug.lib, header files)
the same? Is is related to MFC classes? If I solve this problem, shall I
later have problem with linking (linking libraries are different)?

Tnx very much,

Does your MFC project include the winsock header files?

Frank Hickman
Microsoft MVP
NobleSoft, Inc.
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