Re: NT Service with sockets

"Frank Hickman [MVP]" <>
Tue, 20 Jun 2006 14:08:57 -0400
"almc" <> wrote in message

Na , Frank Hickman [MVP] <> escreveu:

ou can set the service to allow interaction with the desktop
and that may solve your problem but it is hard to tell since I have no
knowledge of what technologies your service app is using


I'm using MFC with the windows socket api, which I think is a standart:
socket(), connect(), bind(), listen(), recv(), send()...,

I really don't know what technologies you are looking for...?
AntCnio Carvalho

Well for instance, is your service using COM? Any database interface for
logging? Any window? You mention MFC, any dialog boxes? With the
exception of the database interface, all of these technologies would require
the service to interact with the desktop in one fashion or another.
Services do not have this ability by default. This must be explicitly set.
If not set, the service will fail to load.

Frank Hickman
Microsoft MVP
NobleSoft, Inc.
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