Re: Debug assertion failed trying to CAsyncSocket::Connect()

"AliR \(VC++ MVP\)" <AliR@online.nospam>
Mon, 13 Aug 2007 20:24:52 GMT
Not sure if this works

P.S. Try using CString instead of C style strings. It will save your life
one day.


"RAN" <> wrote in message

On Aug 13, 10:14 pm, RAN <> wrote:


I have a client (locally) trying to connect to a server locally.
If i connect (using CAsyncSocket::Connect()) with the IP that IPconfig
gives, i get a debug assertion failed. After pressing the RETRY button
on the debug assertion failed dialog the source goes to :

         * If this ASSERT fails, a bad pointer has been passed in. It
may be
         * totally bogus, or it may have been allocated from another
         * The pointer MUST come from the 'local' heap.

in dbgheap.cpp

If i connect on everything goes ok.

Why cant i use my own assigned as IP to connect to ?

Oops newbie error i was trying to copy the string from GetPeerName()
into a char s_Buffer[12], which is to small. does fit a 12
size s_Buffer, my mistake... How do you delete a question from the
newsgroup anyway??

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