Re: Format Parameter for Word Automation Document SaveAs method ?

"AliR" <AliR@online.nospam>
Wed, 7 Oct 2009 10:21:22 -0500
I looked it up through OLE/COM Object Viewer.

typedef enum {
    wdFormatDocument = 0,
    wdFormatDocument97 = 0,
    wdFormatTemplate = 1,
    wdFormatTemplate97 = 1,
    wdFormatText = 2,
    wdFormatTextLineBreaks = 3,
    wdFormatDOSText = 4,
    wdFormatDOSTextLineBreaks = 5,
    wdFormatRTF = 6,
    wdFormatUnicodeText = 7,
    wdFormatEncodedText = 7,
    wdFormatHTML = 8,
    wdFormatWebArchive = 9,
    wdFormatFilteredHTML = 10,
    wdFormatXML = 11,
    wdFormatXMLDocument = 12,
    wdFormatXMLDocumentMacroEnabled = 13,
    wdFormatXMLTemplate = 14,
    wdFormatXMLTemplateMacroEnabled = 15,
    wdFormatDocumentDefault = 16,
    wdFormatPDF = 17,
    wdFormatXPS = 18,
    wdFormatFlatXML = 19,
    wdFormatFlatXMLMacroEnabled = 20,
    wdFormatFlatXMLTemplate = 21,
    wdFormatFlatXMLTemplateMacroEnabled = 22,
    wdFormatOpenDocumentText = 23
} WdSaveFormat;

Open Object Viewer, select File/View TypeLib... Then select the MSWord.OLB,
you can find the directory in the same dialog where you create your classes
from a typelib. When the ITypeLib Viewer opens select View/Group by type
kind, if not already selected. Expand the Enums tree item, and search down
for the enum you are looking for.


"PRMARJORAM" <> wrote in message


Im using WORD automation from an MFC client app using VS 2005.
I can successfully start WORD and open an existing word document.

What I want to then do is save it in a different format via the SaveAs
method on the Document object and where the second parameter is the format

My problem is specifiying this parameter - as takes a variant, in the
documentation need to specifiy and enum of WdSaveFormat but this is not in
any of my word files
generated from create class from typlib where i selected just what i
i needed Application and Document objects.

Basically how to specify the format parameter for the SaveAs method
to the enum values specified in the documentation link above?


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