C++/VC Goldmine

Select Frames or No Frames version of library

Frames Frames version displays separate frames for topic list, article index and article itself. Everything is displayed in a single browser window.
No Frames No Frames version displays topic list, article index and article itself in separate browser windows. Chapter is displayed in a new browser window. Each article is displayed in a new browser window.

View books full screen: http://antimatrix.org/TOC_Books.html

Смотрите криги на Русском: http://antimatrix.org/TOC_Books_Russian.html

MFC Collection includes tens of thousands of precisely selected articles organized by chapters, corresponding to different topics.


Sites are indexed by search engines. You can do site searches by specifying site. For example:

search_string site:preciseinfo.org

You can also do individual chapter searches by specifying a chapter subdirectory. For example:

"thread lock" site:preciseinfo.org/Convert/Articles_CPP/Exception_Code


You won't be able to expand threads in Article List on MSIE 6.0.

You need to view the main thread article first, and then use Next and Prev article navigation links to navigate through tread articles or use a more modern browser to avoid all sorts of small, but unpleasant things.

Contact email: preciseinfo [atsign] mail [dothere] ru