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In gross violation of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, blocking of many pages of this site via Google search engine has begun!

Destroy this site!
- Order ZioNazi satanists

Brothers and sisters: The main thing now - is not to waver!
But to stand like a rock - Until the end of all evil all-pervading.

For it was said:

The house built on a rock - shalt stand!
But the house built on sand - shalt collapse.

And you live in a house built on sand. But it is different times now, times to know the Truth.

So shall it be!

AntiMatrix torrent

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This torrent contains the books and audio from this site (up to Sept, 10 2015):

Antimatrix collection torrent, Volumes 1-7

(Books, articles, quotes and quotes on New World Order, ZioNazism, Illuminati, Freemasonry, Secret societies, World domination, Rulers of this world and banking mafia. You need a Torrent program, such as uTorrent.)

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AntiMatrix Citadel system

(Live discussions, blogs, forums, bulletins, wiki, chat, real time news feeds from the leading information agencies worldwide, AntiMatrix global news room related to the NWO [New World Order])

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