Re: MSVC 2003: ctor-try-block error: possible compiler bug

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
27 Sep 2006 13:52:41 -0400
Kirill Sukhonosenko wrote:

struct IRefCounted
virtual void addRef() = 0;
virtual void release() = 0;

virtual ~IRefCounted() {};

                           ^ unnecessary


struct ILogger : public IRefCounted
void virtual write(const char * text) = 0;

Why force implementors of ILogger to also implement IRefCounted? C++ has
multiple inheritance! In fact, I'd rather have made IRefCounted a concrete
class with a concrete implementation that invokes "delete this;" - a
virtual dtor will do the right thing!

template<typename T>
class CountingPtr
T * m_t;

CountingPtr(T * t, bool addRef = true) : m_t(t)


Hmmm, weird. In the ctor, you assert() that m_t is not null and here you
check it again?

CountingPtr&operator=(const CountingPtr & rhs)
  if(this == &rhs)
    m_t = rhs.m_t;
  return *this;

This is very nontypical. Firstly, self-assignment, even though it rarely has
a proper use, can much easier be handled gracefully without asserting:

  { assignment... }
  return *this;

Else, you simply overwrite the current value of m_t without first
deregistering from it (using release()). This is almost certainly wrong!

CountingPtr(const CountingPtr & rhs)
  *this = rhs;

Note that here, you will also have to init m_t to zero before doing the

Lastly, I'm missing a default ctor. The one generated by the compiler will
surely not do what you want, in particular not init m_t to zero.

I'm sorry if this doesn't directly address your problem, but browsing the
code those were some obvious mistakes I found and that I'd fix first. I
guess the rest will only turn out to be results of that.


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