Re: Any way to make this code more compact, and/or be able to change at runtime?

 Protoman <>
Tue, 03 Jul 2007 14:34:21 -0700
On 3 Jul, 14:16, Protoman <> wrote:

On 3 Jul, 13:43, "Thomas J. Gritzan" <> wrote:

Protoman wrote:

OK ,but a couple posts ago, I said the Encrypt() isn't working right;
it only returns the first letter of the cleartext.


string Enigma::Encrypt(const string& cleartext)
string ciphertext;
unsigned int i=0;

[...code snipped...]

return ciphertext;


Now do you guys have enough info to help me? Thanks!!!!

I can't see through your __missing indentation__, but is this
return-statement really inside the for-loop body? That would explain, why
the function returns the first letter only: The loop body only gets
executed once.


OK, now it just returns the cleartext.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

OK, I think the problem's in plugboard():

char Enigma::plugboard(char Char)
char array[]="ZAQ1XSW2CDE3VFR4BGT5NHY6MJU7KI8LO9P0";
return array[Char-'A'];

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