Re: Fast return of two longs

tni <>
Mon, 20 Jul 2009 14:27:46 +0200
Pavel wrote:

tni wrote:

Pavel wrote:

I did something similar recently. What I found out was that, on
modern Intel platforms at least, the time required by multiplications
themselves clearly dominated.

Modern Intel CPUs are quite good for 32 -> 64 bit multiplications. For
something like:

uint32_t v1, v2;
uint64_t result = uint64_t(v1) * uint64_t(v2);

both GCC 3/4 and Visual Studio 2005/2008 generate a single 'mul'

I am not sure what instruction you refer to. Do you mean IMUL?

No, I mean 'mul' (unsigned multiply).

instruction (that will take 1-5 clock cycles on a core2), so any

1-5 clock cycles (actually 1-3 for ) is a throughput of these

The throughput is 1/cycle on an Intel Core 2, with a latency of 5 clock
cycles (I'm not talking about a P4 which has horrible latencies for
pretty much everything). Multiply is fully pipelined.

(that is, how fast you can give the next back-to-back IMUL
instruction ; however, the latency is at least 10 cycles (depending on
the core model).

No, it doesn't, assuming a 'long' is 32-bit, and a 'long long' 64-bit on

#include "pstdint.h"
#include <iostream>

uint64_t mul(uint32_t a, uint32_t b) {
     return uint64_t(a) * uint64_t(b);

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
     uint32_t a = std::rand();
     uint32_t b = std::rand();
     std::cout << mul(a, b) << std::endl;
     return 0;

Visual Studio 2005, built for IA-32, disassembled:

uint64_t mul(uint32_t a, uint32_t b) {
     return uint64_t(a) * uint64_t(b);
00401000 mul eax,dword ptr [esp+4]
00401004 ret

The result is 64 bits, in eax:edx


On x64, the 64-bit x 64-bit -> 128-bit multiply is also a single
instruction (but you have to use a non-standard compiler intrinsic).

#include "pstdint.h"
#include <iostream>
#include <intrin.h>

void mul128(int64_t a, int64_t b, int64_t& res1, int64_t& res2) {
     res1 = _mul128(a, b, &res2);

Visual Studio 2005, built for x64:

void mul128(int64_t a, int64_t b, int64_t& res1, int64_t& res2) {
     res1 = _mul128(a, b, &res2);
0000000140001000 mov rax,rdx
0000000140001003 imul rcx
0000000140001006 mov qword ptr [r9],rdx
0000000140001009 mov qword ptr [r8],rax
000000014000100C ret

The result is 128 bits, qword ptr [r9] : qword ptr [r8].


 > OP's problem will require 4 IMUL instructions (unless
 > he resorts to assembler which does not seem to be in the cards)

As per above, on IA-32/x64, the compiler does the job - no need for

 > and intermediate ADDs may make next IMUL wait till the end of ADD.

Then you are doing something wrong, e.g. look at:

for an algorithm. The 4 required multiplies are independent and can run
in parallel on current IA-32/x64 CPUs (non-x64 P4's don't have a fully
pipelined multiply, they can only do 0.2 muls/clock throughput and have
high-latency shifts which doesn't help either, since those will be in
the dependency chain).

 > That will still take 10 cycles though (actually, up to 14, depending
 > on a particular model of the processor architecture) on Intel.

Only the P4 has latencies that high, Pentium Pro, P2, P3, PM, Core
Solo/Duo, Core 2, Core i7 all have fast multiplies; AMD Athlon, Athlon
64, Opteron and Phenom are fast as well.

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