Re: stdext::hash_map

"mlimber" <>
7 Jun 2006 05:29:51 -0700
Dymus wrote:

#include <list>

// Substitute your value and key types here
struct MyData { int key; int value[ 3 ]; };

 void Foo()
   std::list< MyData > lst;
   for( unsigned i=0; i < 1000000U; ++i )
     lst.push_back( MyData() );

   // Swap trick to clear and get rid of capacity, too
   std::list<MyData>().swap( lst );

It might just be that it takes a while to free that much memory when
allocated separately since it is O( N ) to delete.

Cheers! --M

1: "ennormous time ... I left programm running for more than an hour,
and it still was working, however, there was no endless loop, since it
was stopped during the night (unfortunatelly log of running isn't
availabl, to see how much time it took.
2: this code works good, less than minute to create empty list, and
destroy it later, but does it solve the problem of quick search of
unique keys???
3: big thanks :)

1. Well, it sounds like you have other problems, then. Reduce your
program to a *minimal* but *complete* program that demonstrates the
problem, and post it here. I'm guessing that you'll either figure out
the problem while doing that or we'll be able to help you figure it

2. That code was just to test how long it took to free chunks of memory
allocated separately; it does nothing for the quick search problem
(quite the contrary!).

Cheers! --M

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