Re: Tree Hashing / Equivalence

"James Kanze" <>
Sun, 4 Feb 2007 15:14:40 CST
Al wrote:


Thanks for pointing this out. I based my node code on Boost.Spirit's,
which has, in <boost/spirit/tree/common.hpp>:

template <typename T>
struct tree_node
     typedef std::vector<tree_node<T>, allocator_type> children_t;
     children_t children;

So I assumed it was ok to do it. Can someone clarify if either of these
is correct?

FWIW: I've just downloaded the latest version of Boost here,
and verified. It does have the above (minus
allocator_type). And the code doesn't compile with g++.

So there's one Boost component you're better off avoiding.

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