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9 May 2007 06:26:00 -0700
On 9 Maj, 10:24, Complex Humans <> wrote:

I have a little problem,
that i'd like to read your comments and suggestions
I create a network of 5-10 nodes - a weighted digraph
which all nodes are connected randomly at runtime.
Loops are allowed in the graph.
Is it possible to *hash* pairs of nodes
as well as their costs by use of the following snip,

template<typename T>
struct HashNodes{
    T startNode;
    T endNode;
     int weight[];


This is clumpsy and possibly won't work
but I am clueless as of where should I go

Do I understand you correctly that you want a way to quickly get the
weight given two nodes? In that case I would use
std::map<std::pair<Node, Node>, double> and create a functor which
given two std::paid<Node, Node> orders them in some way (on other way
implements a less than function for pairs of std::paid<Node, Node>.
Exactly how this is done is not particularly important, and if you
have some ID for each node there should be no problem.

Erik Wikstr=F6m

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