Re: Looking for robust gzip streambuf class

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Mon, 19 Nov 2007 12:49:42 -0500
mathieu wrote:

 Browsing the archive of this group I see that the c++ iostream
wrapper that are shipped with zlib are not satisfying :

 Has anyone found a good implementation of a gzip (input+output)
std::streambuf class ?

There is 'comp.compression' newsgroup, why don't you ask them?

 I found one that would work on internet in a polish forum:

 Since I do not speak polish I am not sure if I can use that code or
not ?

Use it. Refer to where you found it, and use it.

Ps: I'll also be looking for a iostream wrapper above socket later

<sigh> This is not really a group to share solutions for specific
problems, not related to C++ language itself. Try google (not the
archives) for that.

The Polish forum you found has the source code. Why don't you just
read the code to figure out what it's doing and how to use it? The
message with the code essentially asks the same question: "Can someone
tell me what the code is for? I tried reading an archive, but ended
up with an error bit set and number of bytes read 0, should be >0".

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