Re: pointers in container

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Mon, 02 Feb 2009 09:20:09 +0100
Carl Forsman wrote:

Why i got compile error for the following? any idea?

Why did you quote your whole previous posting without taking reference to

for ( std::deque<Sock*>::const_iterator iter = socks->begin(); iter !=
socks->end(); iter++ ) {

const Sock& temp = **iter;
if ( temp.rfid.Compare(current_user) == 0 )

CString resXML = "<snd><cmd

char * resXML2 = new char[resXML.GetLength()+1];

_tcscpy(resXML2, resXML);

Nope, wrong. Firstly, TCHAR and char are distinct types. Further, in order
to get a temporary buffer, use std::vector<> or maybe std::string.

temp.WriteComm((LPBYTE)resXML2, (int)strlen(resXML2));

Don't use C-style casts. Those only hide compile-time errors, they don't fix
them, but they will return at runtime.

error C2663: 'CSocketComm::WriteComm' : 2 overloads have no legal
conversion for 'this' pointer

'this' is a 'CSocketComm const*' but 'WriteComm' requires one not
const-qualified. Take a look at the C++ FAQ about "const correctness".


C++ FAQ:

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