Re: RPC book recommendation needed

Scot T Brennecke <>
Tue, 25 Aug 2009 03:03:14 -0500
coolvicki7 wrote:

On Aug 24, 1:11 pm, Scot T Brennecke <> wrote:

coolvicki7 wrote:

I am using VC++ and have created a Windows service without using .NET
Now I want to create a front end GUI for this service and this GUI
must be able to call this service functions over a network, atlease
over LAN.
I came across Remote Procedural Calls which seems to be the best
option for me. I do not know how to implement these in VC++ and so
need to read a book on it.
Could anyone please recommend a book that will be my beginner to
advanced level guide for this? and if there are some better solutions
to my problem except using .NET, you are most welcome to suggest.
Thank you

Although RPC is not a bad idea, it is somewhat more low level than you probably need. How sophisticated does your communication
between the GUI and the remote service need to be?

DCOM is a distributed extension to normal COM, and it uses RPC in its implementation, but is not as difficult. Or, using TCP/IP
sockets might be a good solution.

I don't have any specific books in mind on these topics, but I wanted to help you choose the best strategy before you acquire a book
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Hello Scot, Thanks for replying.

The needs are,

 - I must know how many computers on network are running my service
 - The GUI must be directly able to call service functions. (basically
after one hard implementation, I need everything to be very simple)
 - The service must me able to send response to the GUI.
 - Service must also be able to call GUI functions and receive
response too.
 - All this to work on atleast LAN

Only this much I need. Also I need communication in fastest possible
way. Will DCOM or TCP/IP be easy and best? Which one you recommend

Also I came across, WCF, is it available outside .NET too in the form
of Windows API?


Since you need two-way communication, I think TCP/IP sockets are a better plan than DCOM. WCF is strictly part of the .NET
Framework; you can't use it from native C code.

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