Re: "Experimenting with a Proposed Standard Drawing Library for the C++ language"

From: (Stefan Ram)
2 Feb 2015 21:33:16 GMT
Christopher Pisz <> writes:

Well, regardless of what programming language people use more, my
original point was that I don't think graphics is "part of any
language", but rather part of a library or framework that ships with the
tools for that language.

  ?fopen?/?::std::ofstream? is not part of the C++ language
  proper, but of the C++ standard library.

  But the standard library of a language matters. It is the
  portable core, and I also use the library status to decide
  what I teach in my C++ courses: When the course is labeled
  ?C++?, I teach the standard library, but I do not teach
  extension libraries.

  I deem the standard library to be part of the language, but
  not other extension libraries.

  In Java, JavaFX is part of the standard library of Java SE.
  So, I teach GUI programming in Java. Also sockets.

  In C++, there is no GUI library that is part of the
  standard library, so I do not teach GUI programming with
  C++, nor socket programming.

  In 2003, the Journal COTS reported that the military
  migrates away from Ada towards Java. The portable libraries
  of Java were recognized as an edge over C++.

      ?Another advantage Java offers is a broad selection of
      standard, portable and scalable libraries. That's where
      it has an edge over C++. While C++ has some good
      libraries, they're not portable---one set of libraries
      is needed with Windows, a different set is needed for
      Solaris, and yet another for Linux.? -- Jeff Child

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