Re: Returning A ResultSet

Tom Hawtin <>
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 22:42:25 +0100
<461d55aa$0$8721$> wrote:

Then when I actually use that, I just do the following. I think when I
do db = null that my override of finalize should run in my class, and
then all the variables/connections will be closed/deallocated properly

No. The finalize method is not called deterministically. This makes it
pretty useless.

As an example of Execute Around, you want your code looking like:

     executeQuery(someStatement, new ResultSetHandler() {
             public void handle(ResultSet results) throws SQLException {
                 ... do stuff with results ....

Where ResultSetHandler is a simple interface.

public interface ResultSetHandler {
     void handle(ResultSet results) throws SQLException;

And executeQueue is just a static method with the boilerplate. Close you
resources, wrap thrown exceptions, iterate over rows - do whatever you
like. I'll just close the result set.

     static void executeQuery(
         PreparedStatement statement, ResultSetHandler handler
     ) throws SQLException {
         ResultSet results = statement.executeQuery();
         try {
         } finally {

(Disclaimer: Not so much as compiled this code.)

Tom Hawtin

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