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Google Magic

If you have problems with some mirror, try a different one.
Note: The system is updated regularly. With each update, the articles may be different and so is their count in each chapter.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is simple: You can get to the bottom of it within minutes, if not seconds, without wasting a lot of time on reading totally irrelevant info and getting a grand headache at that.
Our extensive collection goes back several years and contains hundreds of books worth of material. It is a snapshot of the state of the art in software development at this junction. Combined with stunning precision of our filters, the net result is: "if we don't have it, it probably does not exist".
Collections include tens of thousands of code examples and snippets on any conceivable topic related to Java, C++, MFC, VC (Visual C), ATL, STL, etc.
The expert chapters give you unprecedented amount of most useful information on advanced programming techniques and methods that would take you days if not weeks to find elsewhere. On the top of it, you can learn plenty of sophisticated tricks, used by experts and pros and get an in-depth understanding of some subtle points.
Depth and breath of scope, combined with precision, is unlike anything you have ever experienced any place for any money.
Vast majority of things you are trying to do, have already been done by someone. In most cases, all you need is to be able to find it quickly, and, preferably, copy/paste some code, and that is exactly where Goldmine Collections come in.
If you spend an hour a day for 3 to 6 months on any Goldmine site, you will become an expert yourself, and your salary is going to go up considerably with the next review.
You like THAT part, eh? :--}
That is all there is to it.
Enjoy Now.

Main Features

What kind of information can I find here?

Major kinds of information are code snippets and examples, and expert opinions and discussions. Collections also include lots of relevant links in each chapter.
Get yourself a cup of coffee and make yourself comfy. The excitement time begins now!

How is information organized?

The information is organized according to categories, called chapters. Each chapter contains the information on a set of related issues, tools, methods, etc. There are typically 100 to 1500 articles in each chapter and hundreds of code snippets and examples.
If some article contains the information on multiple aspects or issues, it will be included in more than one category.
There are several classes of information:
  • Code snippets and examples.
    The information is filtered with extremely powerful filters to include only code examples or snippets related to selected chapter.
  • Expert views, opinions and discussions
    Contain the articles by authors with above average knowledge of at least some issues or aspects of the language, techniques, etc. Expert does not have to be Einstein to be classified as expert. How detailed and helpful is his presentation, also counts. The more specific and detailed the author's articles, the more chance he/she may be classified as expert and his articles are included in the expert chapters.
    On the other hand, some people are excluded from the expert sections for variety of reasons, such as very poor text formatting, top posting or general sloppiness, which simply represents the level of their consciousness. You can not be sloppy in the software business. The more cryptic you are, the less of a chance you are going to get into expert sections. Simple as that.
  • Links collection.
    Collections include a large number of relevant links to the articles on the Internet.

How to search the collections?

There are different ways to search the collections.
  • You can search the collections from the search box while viewing some article.
    When you enter some search term in the search box, the chapter to which this article belongs will be searched. You can even enter some sentence or a phrase and not necessarily just one or two words.
    The search engine also searches for synonyms or similar words.
    From the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) you can do other searches by selecting the collection name and chapter name or specify All choice.
    When you perform a search on All chapters/collections, the SERPS will have duplicate articles. Because the same article may belong to more than one chapter.
    You can search specifying plus sign between the worlds, meaning the SERPS should contain only articles that have all of the search words present.
    You can use quote characters (") around the search term meaning search for a literal match, meaning the exact phrase.
  • You can also search the collections via regular search engines.
    Make sure to specify the site while doing searches. If you do not specify the site, then you may not be able to find most of the articles in Programmer's Goldmine collections.
    Google uses filters that could drastically reduce the number of articles returned by the search if you do not specify the site.
    For example, to search for Java Goldmine articles on abstract class, specify search as:
    "abstract class"
  • Google Search by Chapter
    You can search only specific chapters and not the entire collection. For more info, see Google Search by Chapter
    You need to specify the full path to some chapter. For example:
    "abstract class"
    The path is specified exactly as seen while viewing some article in some chapter. Just look at some article and copy paste the URL between the http:// and the article name (last component of the path) into your google search box.
  • You can search the article bodies to find some keywords. Again, using the browser's internal search.
    Depending on a browser you are using, it could be more or less difficult to do the body searches in the Frame version. If you intent to do lots of body searches, it is best to use No Frames version. That will guarantee that the only thing you are going to be searching is the article bodies and titles.
  • You can search the article list index to find some keywords by simply using your internal browser search.
Note: Google takes months to index a large site, and even after months, it will not include all the articles in collection. So, if you have a specific issue to resolve, it is recommended to visit the collection site and navigate relevant chapters.

How to navigate Collections?

The navigation around collection is very flexible. It is designed for rapid navigation from any point to any part of the Collection with minimal screen redraw, so that you don't loose track of where you are or were just before viewing any article or scrolling around.
From any article, you can navigate to previous and next article using Prev and Next links. You can easily navigate to any chapter or article with a single mouse click and everything will stay put unlike on most sites you see on the Internet, where a single mouse click completely redraws your screen, so you loose focus, and takes you to a completely different screen without being able to see how it relates to a previous one and things of that nature.
Note: When you use the Next and Prev links from some article in the A chapter, you will be automatically taken to the corresponding thread and can navigate all the thread articles, even in non A chapter.
To go back to A chapter, either use the browser's back arrow, or simply click on a different article in the article index frame.

Using Frames version

From any article, you can review the current chapter's article list (index) in the article frame. That gives you many more articles to see in the index.
When you click on Chapter Index or Main Index links, they will be shown in the article frame while your main article index still remains visible even if you navigate to a different chapter in the article frame. This way, you can do all the work in the article frame.
Note: The article index frame will still hold the original chapter and you can simply click on any article in it to continue with the main chapter, even if you switched chapters from the article frame. Basically, anything you can imagine in terms of navigation is possible in this design.
You can do all the navigation work staying entirely in the article frame if you want to. Nice thing about this arrangement is that you keep accumulating the browser history, and can always use the browser's Back and Forward buttons to navigate through your entire session history and nothing will be lost.

Using No Frames version

With Frames version, everything is shown in a single web browser's tab window. But there are some minor limitations. The article subject is not shown in the browser's title bar. The link to current article is not shown in the browser's URL list.
With No Frames version, everything is displayed in a separate browser window. The chapter names are shown in one window, The list of articles in that chapter is shown in a different window. All the articles are shown in a separate window or tab.
Also, the browser title bar shows the correct article title, and browser's URL list correctly shows the URL of the article or chapter you are viewing. Plus, the article window takes the whole screen space, which is nice, or even necessary, when viewing some poorly formatted articles.

What are those chapters with names ending with A

All the chapters, with names, ending with A, contain even more precise information, especially in Code chapters.
These chapters were generated using special settings of our UltraSearch filters, that are orders of magnitude more precise than anything you have ever seen anywhere.

How do Next and Prev work?

Next and Prev links are used to navigate through articles in selected chapter.
If you are reviewing the A chapters, they will take you back to the corresponding chapter's thread and you will be out of A chapters. This way, you can review not only high precision articles, but can also see more articles in the same thread.
To return to A chapters, use your browsers Back arrow, or select a different article in the A chapter list.

What are Code chapters?

Code chapters contain articles with code snippets and examples. The chance of finding a code example in code chapters is over 90%.
Chance of finding a relevant code in CodeA chapters is approaching 99%.

What are the Expert chapters?

Expert chapters contain the articles by experts and pros. The term expert is used loosely. You don't have to be God to be classified as expert. But you do have to know what you are talking about and you are expected to have above average knowledge of advanced issues.

How precise is information?

Precision and/or appropriateness of information to a given topic, chapter or category of information is one of the most important system parameters.
Our filtering technology allows searching with nearly infinite precision. But there is a trade-off between the scope and depth. There is a fine balance between too many articles that do not exactly correspond to some issue, and too few articles, limiting the variety of views, opinions and different ways of looking at the same thing.
Precision in all the code related chapters is well above 90%. That is, at least 9 out of 10 articles contain the information on the topics covered by the chapter.
In comparison to search engines, that are better classified as garbage generators, where precision is usually not better than of 1-5%, at best, these collections are orders of magnitude more precise, which translates into a much more productive use of your time, without typical headaches and distractions associated with navigation through piles of totally irrelevant articles.
With search engines, it is not atypical to see hundreds of thousands, if not millions of references. You won't be able to review all that in your entire lifetime, which simply indicates that you are being fed mostly garbage. With such an amount of noise, you can hardly stay focused on the issues at hand. Way too often, the top ranking articles are filled with blabber from some blog by not very competent writers or some primitive code examples that virtually have no realistic application in real life situations.
There isn't even a notion of such a degree of garbage when you deal with Goldmine collections. Simple as that.
Secondly, it turns out the so called page rank does not assure quality of information. Some search engines use a number of links pointing to some article as a major criteria in defining its "page rank", and, therefore, quality, which is nothing further from the truth. Their reasoning is simple: the more people talk about something, the more "quality" that something has. But is it actually the case?
One thing is certain: the majority opinion never defines quality, and a larger number of links pointing to some article does not translate into quality of that article. By any means.
Just the other way around. In most cases, the higher is the "page rank", the closer is the article to the top of the search result list, the higher is the chance it will be filled to the brim with the largest amount of Google ad spam and all sorts of most aggressive marketing propaganda, flashing brightly colored pictures into your face and distracting you from the issues at hand.
As you might have noticed, for some strange reason, many of the topmost "ranking" articles turn out to be outright junk. So, the question naturally arises: how come those so called top ranking articles too often turn out to be some the lowest quality material if page rank does represent the article quality? It is probably much more productive if you skip the "top ranking" articles and start with those on 2nd or 3rd page of search results.
On the top of it, it is a discriminatory system that does not treat all the authors and their writing fairly and does not give you a chance to be heard, regardless of quality of what you have to say.
We would like to emphasize this point really well: In goldmine collections, there is no such discrimination. Everyone has equal chance to be heard. Articles are selected according to totally different set of criteria. What matters is how well some article corresponds to the issues covered by some chapter. The rest is up to reader to decide what is "good", what is "so so", and what is outright garbage. After all, who is there to decide for you what is appropriate to your specific needs, interests or your competence level?
Secondly, at the moment, there exists no technology that is capable of distinguishing the quality material from anything else because, first of all, the problem is way too complex for the machine to be able to do that, and, secondly, the issue is highly subjective. It all depends on the perceiver, his competence level, his interests and his personal preferences.
With these discriminatory "ranking systems", that begot the entire industry of so called SEO (search engine optimization), some newly written article virtually has no chance to see the light of day as it may never even get into search engine index, and even if it does, the chances of it to be near the top of the list are slim.
The very notion of SEO immediately associates with cheating somehow, and some of the things related to that "optimization" border on lunacy.
This so called ranking is not only a calamity. It is simply appalling. People waste months, if not years, trying to tweak their sites to get in the "top ranks" by doing all sorts of craziest things and using all sorts of tricks, trying to fool the search engines into believing their articles contain quality material.
In Programmer's Goldmine collections, the principles of article selection are totally different and have nothing to do with so called page ranking. As far as information precision goes, collections also include the ultimate in precision chapters (with names ending with A). Precision of those chapters approaches 99%. You can hardly find an article that does not correspond to selected chapter or topic.
If chapter says "Abstract Class Code", you are pretty much guaranteed to see the code examples on abstract classes, and plenty of those, in every conceivable permutation. Again: if we don't have it, it probably does not exist.
As a result, the overall quality of your research experience is orders of magnitude more satisfying than simply digging through piles of information, most of which has little or no relevance to what you are looking for, and usually contains all sorts of irrelevant blabber from some blog, written by people with little or no competence, or some totally inappropriate info,"book stuffing", or all sorts or marketing propaganda.

How fresh is the information?

The information is regularly updated. The date of the latest run and article count are shown in the chapter's article list.
The contents will change depending on a particular run and filter settings. So, do not expect to see the same articles the next time you look at the collection.

How many articles does the collection include?

Collections archives go back several years. Depending on collection, there are typically between 30,000 and 70,000 articles per collection. Each chapter usually contains between 100 and 1500 articles.

Educational use of collections

While using collections by reviewing a couple of articles after doing a search via search engine is the most oftenly use of these collections, there is even better way to use them, and that is to become more proficient and learn some things in a more in-depth manner.
The power and beauty of these collections is their range of opinions and depth of material.
If you start using these collections as a textbook, you will learn much more than just looking at couple of articles after doing a search. Take for example the code examples chapters. There are typically hundreds of code examples or snippets in any chapter and explanations of the problems people are having, just as you would, if you did not know something well enough.
So, simply reviewing the various code examples, not only you will learn how to do it, but will also be able to see how different people do it, what kind of problems they are having, what kinds of ways they are proposing to solve it, their coding style and some other things. So, before you even start coding something, you can learn the whole thing in a much more in-depth manner and avoid the types of problems they are having by simply reviewing their code and listening to their comments along the way.
But the fine points come in when you study the expert chapters, which usually takes you to another level. There may be less code examples, but the coverage of issues is usually much more in-depth. The discussions of tricks of the trade are much more sophisticated and typically include such things as appropriateness of doing something in a particular way, the best ways of doing it, typical pitfalls many fall into, and ALL sorts of other very important principles of top gun programming techniques, style, etc.
So, studying some chapter for a couple of days is probably equivalent to many days if not months of coding without much understanding the subtleties and potential pitfalls.
Sure, it all depends on your individual situation. Quite often, programmers are under pressure to produce some results. So many tend to be dealing with issues on a much more superficial level than the task requires. But just by squeezing an extra few minutes every time you find some article that seems to be what you are looking for, and reading a couple more articles in the same chapter, may be that fine balance between hacking things up and doing a fine job of writing the clear, correct, expandable code that would be easy to interface with other things.

What if I have an idea, suggestion or other feedback?

If you have some ideas, suggestions, proposals or any other feedback, you can send an email.
If you find some topics or chapters missing, incomplete, too big, too small, or containing the low precision information, do not hesitate to point it out. All reasonable suggestions are likely to be implemented.

How can I participate in this project?

You can participate in this project in several ways. First, you can provide some feedback and/or ideas. That is how it starts. Or you can suggest the filter specifications to either increase the precision, or include or otherwise polish some chapters.
If you are an experienced programmer, a web site designer or a writer, you can participate as a developer or a team member.
And if you are a sponsor or investor, you know what to do.

Older browsers can not expand article list threads

If you use older browsers, such as MSIE 6, or disable java script in your browser, certain functionality will not be available to you. You won't be able to expand the threads in article list by clicking on + icon. You will have to click on the main article to view it, and then use Next and Prev links in the article navigation bar to navigate on the article thread level.
Also, navigation bar will not stay fixed when you scroll the article text.
Install more modern browser, such as Firefox or Opera. There is really no reason to use MSIE 6 at this point. It is utterly obsoleted by now and quite a few things do not work on modern sites.

Just remember one thing

This is a goldmine, not a bank.
You can not just walk in and expect a gold nugget handed to you on a silver plate. You have to do your part also.
But it is there, waiting to be discovered.
Enjoy now.

Google search engine issues

There are some very unpleasant news related to searches done via Google. As was accidentally discovered, if you perform a search, you may not find some articles that actually exist in Google's index. In some instances, the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) may give you much lower number of articles than actually exist in Google index. How it may affect some searches, is difficult to predict.
In this context, depending on what you are trying to find, you might want to visit the site directly, instead of relying on search engine.

Google search by Chapter

Another alternative is to search a specific chapter instead of searching the entire collection. In this case, you need to specify a full path to a specific chapter you are interested in.
For example, if you are looking for articles on abstract class, you can specify your search as:
"abstract class"
Notice the underline characters in the chapter name. Chapter subdirectories use the underline characters instead of blanks. Just look at any article URL in the web browser URL field to see the full path for some article. Or if you are not currently viewing some chapter article, copy/paste the chapter name from chapter list to browser URL field and replace blanks with underlines.
The chapter search will find you the largest number of articles in any chapter. If you do a search without specifying the chapter subdirectory, you may not see all the articles that actually exist for a given search.
There seems to be something new happening on Google. But since Google keeps its secrets even better than CIA, all you are likely to hear about it is rumors.
The index for Goldmine collections started decreasing steadily starting in early May 2009, and finally dropped by as much as whooping 1000 times.
At high point, there was somewhere between 20,000 to 50,000 articles indexed per collection. At the lowest point, which is now, some sites show as little as 300 articles indexed out of about 65,000 that do exist in Google index. This happens when you do a site:... type of search without specifying a specific chapter path.
This is obviously wrong, because for many chapters, a single chapter has more articles indexed than you see on SERP for the entire collection. How is this possible under ANY circumstances?
As to why, you can only guess. Trying to resolve this issue on Google Webmaster forums produced nothing but hostility, insults and harassment. All the "Top Contributors" could care less what you might think or experience as a result
Interestingly enough, while google index dropped by about 40 times on average, the actual page view count dropped by only 3 times, which indicates that plenty of users have Goldmine collections bookmarked and do not necessarily even do Google searches.
In some cases, the SERPs estimated number of articles differs from correct number of articles that do exist in index by nearly 1000 times, which is simply astounding if you think of it.
For more detailed information about Google search engine behavior see the following threads on Webmaster Help forum: SERPs discrepancies and Google Index Drops Like a Rock.
For example:
The CORRECT result for search on ""
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,030,000 for "". (0.32 seconds)
The INCORRECT result is:
Results 1 - 10 of about 3,700 for "". (0.05 seconds)
Snapshot of CORRECT result is:
That is whooping 278 times off. Why do these things happen, we can only guess.
This issue was brought up on Google Webmaster forums, but results were simply shocking. All of the most qualified individuals, or "Top Contributors", as they call them, flatly denied that such a thing is possible even after some hard evidence was presented. Apparently, you can not even start questioning the correctness of search results. Nobody is going to listen. You will be viewed as a fool and will be ridiculed, insulted and harassed. Questioning anything related to Google is a taboo.
In some cases, the behavior of these "top contributors" was simply outrageous in its arrogance and total absence of willingness to even hear anything that does not align with the Google Doctrine, which is Google is ALWAYS right, and you are always wrong. Period.
Some of them simply stated flatly: Believe me - Google is NOT going to change ANYTHING to please you. To PLEASE you? Even after hard evidence was presented in form of screen-shots, it just flew by their ears. They kept flatly denying every single bit of it and kept fabricating some "explanations" that mostly border on utter lunacy and total incompetence. Talking to them is like talking to a wall. Simply unreal in its arrogance. You can see some of that puppet show on following threads: "Google index drops like a rock" (deleted by "Top Contributor" Phil Payne) and "SERPS discrepancies" (also deleted) show. (the latter one is still alive for some strange reason)
The bottom line is: If you are too damn stupid to accept all of that ... I'll * well delete/report! ... Am I Clear?
-- Autocrat, one of "Top Contributors" on Google webmaster forums.
Well, if THESE kinds of threats are their "argument", then what kind of answer or explanation can you possibly expect?
Most of what they had to say had absolutely nothing to do with the exact issues being discussed, and it is understandable since they are not professionals, having necessary educational background to comprehend the search engine mechanics. So they just kept coming up with new insults trying to discredit even the hardest evidence there is. Someone, who also had some issue to resolve and ended up being harassed, insulted and ridiculed, said: "looks like 1984 came alive" and surely it looked like it.
Finally, once the harassments and insults have reached their peak and they got enough satisfaction from all that sadomasochistic feeding frenzy, the threads, related to these issues just started disappearing, like they never existed. For no reasons at all. It all looked like some bizarre movie from some fantasy land. It was just about the most blatant form of destruction of evidence imaginable.
Eventually, one "Top Contributor", Phil Payne, admitted he did remove those articles. When asked why did he do so, he stated:
But it was me, because valuable volunteer time was being taken up to no useful purpose. And my fingers are itching again."
What a grand farce! Do these people think no one has functioning brains to see through it? Is it some kind of a bad joke?
As a result, several threads with important information and hard evidence simply disappeared from Google Webmaster forums, at least as they thought.
The bottom line is google search results can not be trusted as they are totally inconsistent and net effects of some of it could hardly be estimated without conducting a detailed study.

Ladies and Gents, and Now, The Message from Google

"One picture is worth a thousand words". This picture was posted as an answer by "Top Contributor" webado on "SERPS discrepancies" thread in Google Webmaster forums. That was the entire "answer". Besides this picture, there wasn't a single word said in that response.
Indeed, it pretty much covers the issue of how much Google cares about whatever anybody has to say or issues they bring up.
Interestingly enough, every single "Top Contributor", participating in that thread, responded "Yes" to the question "Do you think this answers the question?" EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!
The bottom line is: Google is ALWAYS right and users are ALWAYS wrong."
Mind you, these people have the authority to remove ANY thread, for any reason whatsoever, and they use this power more often than not, regardless of who is "right" and who is "wrong".
On the top of it, there is a clear conflict of interest. All of these people are "SEOs" and they are not paid by Google, at least according to their own statements on record. It is all classified as "volunteer" activity, which immediately flashes some red lights, especially in the context of the fact that they seem to spend nearly all of their time on these forums.
To even begin to comprehend such a degree of dedication to "free service", especially in the context of trying to "help" the biggest and the fattest name in the industry, is simply mind boggling, which immediately brings up this question: why would anyone in his clear mind spend all of his time doing this so called volunteer work? There simply MUST be some benefits, and there are some, definitely.
These people are continuously spamming the webmaster forums with mostly quite irrelevant and most useless posts. Most of their recommendations do not improve anything. They behave like bullies and pose as some kind of experts that really know something of value, where in fact most of it is just bluff and self promotion. Their style of presentations is simply offensive, insulting, harassing and even threatening, at least as this particular case shows in no uncertain terms.
And probably the most amazing thing in all this is the fact that when they harass someone or even remove their entire thread, they do it in the name of keeping the "positive user friendly experience for everyone" slogan. That IS quite an achievement indeed. In perversion that is.
This so called volunteer work is in fact their main business, and it vitally depends on users to be "wrong" somewhere, so they could be "helped" with their "services". Otherwise, if some webmaster does not admit he is wrong, he is virtually useless. He is nothing more than trouble. The best way to hanlde these kinds of people is to immediately suppress their input and chase them away, so nobody could ever learn the truth of the matter and start questioning any of their so called advices or the way Google does what it does.
It is like a factory. The quicker you get "processed", the better. According to the observed speed with which they "process" people, it looks like a well functioning operation. Humming like Bentley. Only Nazi concentration camps worked "more efficiently" it seems.
It was quite revealing to see these kinds of remarks: "But it was me [who deleted the entire thread], because valuable volunteer time was being taken up to no useful purpose."
-- Phil Payne, Top Contributor
"Valuable volunteer time"? Well, but how come Google does not pay a penny for it, if it is so valuable?
And who ARE you to decide for Google what is and what is not an issue on Google webmaster forums and what is the most appropriate way to handle it?
He just forgot to mention "and we are getting nowhere in terms of getting some business from you". But you don't usually say these things aloud. They need to be understood on subconscious level, via environment you create. Fancy stuff in mind manipulation techniques...
You see, discussing the wildest imaginable discrepancies in SERPs and providing the hardest evidence possible, apparently serves no useful purpose... Might be enlightening to learn what kind of things do serve a "useful purpose" in their opinion?
Or you might hear something like "no matter what you think or do, it won't impact Google in ANY way, shape or form. You'll see..." Looks like quite a "positive user experience for everyone". No questions about it.
So, if someone brings up some issue that does not fit this scheme, the first thing that happens is to make a fool out of him. Then he is insulted, ridiculed, laughed at, abused, harassed and provoked, so he starts defending his position, and the more he is trying to defend himself, the deeper he gets, and the more he gets insulted, harassed, ridiculed, lied to, or some totally ungrounded concoctions are fabricated, trying to discredit him in the shortest possible time, like it is some kind of competition.
And these "volunteers" come in packs. To make their work more effective, several of them start attacking the victim simultaneously, so he gets dazzled and shocked by all sorts of totally of the wall things they invent.
One of the tricks used is hijacking threads with totally off-topic insulting remarks in order to quickly overwhelm the victim and delude the original information, so the whole thread looks like a grand pile of garbage and insults, no one in his clear mind would be interested in reading or following. This is a standard trick used by the power hungry "rulers" in all sorts of places on the net. This is how these sadists destroy the overall integrity of the material.
Another trick, oftenly used by these kinds of people, is concocting some horror stories out of thin air, and plenty of people get caught into the nets they weave, these servants of the dark side.
It is basically a guilt manipulation trick to constrict one's energy and get it all entangled in all the futile efforts of self-defense, while these virtual parasites suck his energy.
Would be interesting to know how do they divide their "zones". Which one gets the client? According to what system or hierarchy? Well, there IS in fact a hierarchy in this shark tank, starting from "level 1", meaning a "newbie" or "clueless", going up to "level 4", and then... Tada, "Top Contributor", "Bionic Poster"! Is this some kind of a Matrix scheme? Who are these "bionic posters"? Are they from the planet Earth? :--}
And Google could care less about any of this. Because it is not them doing all these things. Therefore, no responsibility, no accountability, nothing. Just pure pleasure, and all for free! It is just some "isolated individual", who has no association to Google in any way, shape or form, except of these quite reasonable abilities to virtually do anything he pleases, going as far, as destroying all the evidence of this sick orgy by removing those threads, so there is no trace of it left anywhere.
Why would Google allow such an ugly, if not outrageous puppet theatre in the name of webmaster help forums? Don't they realize this is simply inevitable in this kind of setting?
Is this how they buy this "volunteer work" so they don't have to spend an extra penny on hiring the professionals to do this work on the proper level and in the appropriate environment? And, on the top of it, manage to keep their hands clean, like it is not them, doing all this ugly stuff? Looks like quite an interesting arrangement, if you think about it.
In this kind of setting, any potential issues of problems on the Google's end are conveniently destroyed and suppressed, especially considering this quite unusual power of ability to even remove the threads, given to totally unauthorized personnel. Would be enlightening to learn whose idea it was and what is the very purpose if it.
Looks like quite a scheme in perversion. To even conceive an idea of using someone else's hands to do the dirty work of destroying any evidence of any kinds of problems on your end for you and then, if it ever comes up again, claiming you have nothing to do with any of this as it was not done by the authorized personnel.
Takes quite some some criminal mind to even conceive such an ugly perversion and such a cunning and outright appalling scheme. Simply unbelievable in its utter cunningness and utter absence of any kind of notion of honesty and integrity.
Not only that, but it is all done for you for FREE! What kind of mind does it take to even conceive something like this? Anybody has a clue?
Just look at this circus. It is all on record by now.
Not a single one of these individuals has the necessary technical background to deal with the issues discussed on any of these threads, and yet, all of them literally overwhelm you with their totally off the wall, and utterly unauthorized opinions and flat denials of the hardest evidence there is, without having the necessary competence to understand ANY of it.
They simply jam it down your throat, and if you refuse to eat some of that garbage, you might hear something like: If you are too damn stupid to accept all of that ... I'll * well delete/report! ... Am I Clear?
-- Autocrat, one of "Top Contributors" on Google webmaster forums.
How many of these people do have a sufficient competence in these issues and do understand the search engine mechanics and internals? Well, not a single one of them! OBVIOUSLY. Otherwise, they would not be doing this "volunteer" work, but would work for Google or some other company, making more money than most of them can even imagine, instead of wasting away doing all this "volunteer service", which in reality is the last thing they care for to begin with.
Secondly, since Google does not disclose any of important information as to the workings of its search engine, ALL they are talking about on these forums is rumors, and nothing but rumors, based on very few useful bits and pieces of information Google already publishes in various places.
Or does Google hold the special educational seminars to train its "volunteers" as to the search engine operation? Then why did not Google simply publish all this information so that everyone could see it and be equally informed?
Why do we have this grand confusion bordering on outright disinformation on the global scale and all these totally unsubstantiated rumors, being peddled all day long?
Is it some kind of elitist club where only the chosen few get the "inside" information on the workings of Google search engine and associated procedures, rules and "regulations"?
Some of the suggestions these people provide left and right are CLEARLY irrelevant as has been observed on the working sites. Many, if not most of their suggestions to improve things, do not actually produce ANY benefits whatsoever. None.
On the top of it, WHO are these people and what is their purpose of being on these forums? Are they the living manifestations of Jesus Christ entity, and is their purpose here to "save the world"? Or to help the biggest and the baddest monopolist on the face of the planet Earth, who got carried away with his imaginary unlimited "powers" to the point of beyond obscene?
Yes, one thing they do seem to know for sure, and that is how to quickly destroy as many people as possible, so this seemingly smoothly working slaughter machine could move on to its next victim, unless of course that one is going to admit that he simply MUST be "wrong" somewhere, and asks for their assistance via conveniently provided web page or some other contact information, and THAT is what seems to be their REAL reward in this puppet theatre of "positive user experience for everyone", which, for some strange reason, turns out to be nothing more than a giant slaughter machine.
So, if someone refuses to submit to their agenda, and does not admit he is "wrong" somewhere, he would have to go through the whole works, and, eventually, when these sadists had enough fun torturing him, they unceremoniously remove his threads to cover up the tracks of that ugly sadistic orgy.
On the top of that, they may even send you some additional insults via email with a thread removal message, to add the insult to injury, just as was the case with these threads in more than one instance. Simple as that.
What a beauty of a scheme. Who could even conceive such a brilliant piece of most blatant and even brutal system of exploitation of everything that moves, and does not, for that matter?
This fact alone is simply outrageous as far as Google motives are concerned. If the sole GLOBAL information monopolist is so greedy to even afford to hire a few professionals to provide a qualified help, and instead, creates this puppet theatre ran by all these "volunteers", who, nevertheless, for some strange reason have the authorities, broad enough to even remove the entire threads, regardless of whether it is appropriate or not, then what kind of motivation that biggest, baddest and the fattest monopolist might have?
Another interesting legal loophole in this kind of arrangement is the fact that doing business this way, Google virtually avoids any responsibility for any action by these individuals. Most likely, there isn't even a written contract between the parties, so Google is likely to claim "well, it was not the official and authorized position of Google", etc.
So, no responsibility, no accountability, no associated expenses, and this virtual slaughter chamber is humming along just perfectly, destroying any and all unfavorable opinions, views or potential issues. Never mind those "collateral damages" here and there, and if you look at it closer, basically everywhere you look.
But there is one little twist on this matter. Apparently Goolde does implicitly authorise these individuals to do what they do by creating a special "top contributors" page where it lists all these people and higly recommends them as "valuable contributors". Therefore, whatever statements these people make are made on behalf of Google and all their activity including these ugly orgies, insults, harassment and defamation are in fact done with full authorization of Google, especially in the light of fact that Google employees have never even placed any of these individuals on notice after seeing these ugly orgies.
Interesting arrangement. Google gives them a chance to do anything they please on these forums, including doing any kind of marketing they want to promote their business, and going up to removal of any thread they want. They can insult anyone in any way they see fit, and won't even get a notice from Google employees for doing so.
And in return, they help to keep the perfect image of Google by harassing, insulting, ridiculing and making a fool out of anyone, who is questioning anything as far as Google goes.
What a perfect way "to do business"! Even Mafia and drug dealers would probably feel jealous. Because even there, there is at least some responsibility, at least some expenses. But here? Hey, virtual paradise... In other words, a pure disgrace to the whole concept of business as such.
The net result? Well, the chances of you ever hearing about any kind of problems on the Google's end of the wire, are as slim as it gets.
Ever heard of The Google Doctrine?
Google is ALWAYS right and users are ALWAYS wrong."
Simple as that, and that IS the reality of this global monstrosity.

Google Zombification Machine

Quote: If you are too damn stupid to accept all of that ... I'll * well delete/report! ... Am I Clear?
-- Autocrat, one of "Top Contributors" on Google webmaster forums.
This picture is probably the best graphical representation of the way Google handles web master support issues. When you see it showing up on some thread, you know you are in the right place and help is forthcoming indeed. This happens to be one of "Top Contributors" on Google webmaster forums, who goes by the nick Autocrat. If you keep this picture in mind when you visit this forum, that might help you to keep things in proper perspective. Otherwise, you might think you entered some insane asylum.
Its been a long time due for the mankind to wake up and realize what kind of garbage and all sorts of most blatant forms of consumerism and marketing propaganda his mind is being constantly zombified with, to the point of oblivion.
Sooner or later, we are bound to realize what is being done with human mind, morning to night, and what kind of garbage it is being fed any place you look.
Unless those chests with Google secrets are opened up for everyone to see, just as Microsoft was forced to do with its operating systems and other software, we simply have no chance to control or affect our destiny. It will be controlled by some force of most profound evil, the same evil that brought the planet Earth to the miserable state it is in.
If we continue to allow this secrecy, affecting the entire world, to go on, we simply have no chance to see the light at the end of a tunnel we are in.
In today's information intensive world, anything hardly ever happens without participation of Google search engine, and what comes as top items can be easily manipulated in any way conceivable via various adjustments to so called page ranks, so the lowest grade garbage in terms of information quality appears as the cream of the crop material in the topmost positions on Google SERPs.
The abilities of such a horrendous system of manipulation and molding of the human minds are simply unheard of in the entire history of mankind. Its ability to sculpt and manufacture just about ANY kind of personality via constant and unending zombification by presenting desired types of information in the top positions on SERPs is simply mind boggling.
"Any lie, repeated long enough, eventually becomes truth"
-- Adolph Hitler
So, by simply presenting you the same thing again and again and again, even the lowest grade garbage becomes about the only thing there is. Because that is the only thing you see and that is the only thing you know. Simple as that.
After all, how many SERPs do you usually go through, and which articles do you click on? Well, in vast majority of cases, you never go past the page number three in search results, and the closer to the top of the first page some result is, the higher is the chance you are going to click on it, and it is approaching this theoretical limit of 100% certainty in geometric progression as related to its position in the SERPs.
And the only one who knows how it all works and who pulls what strings is Google, and they pretend they are just like any other business, "trying to make a buck". But in reality, depending on how things get promoted to the top of the heap, the entire mankind's destiny is being decided, and with each and every one of your heart beats.
Everyone is running around propagating some rumors. But no one really knows according to what principles certain information appears in top positions in the Google search results. Because it is all "secret", or rather hidden. So, by simply manipulating the information and promoting certain types of information into top positions, it is possible mould the human minds in any way conceivable.
How come, to this day, with all its resources, Google did not create some clearly written guidelines, outlining the "rules of the game", point by point, so that everyone knows how it works and everyone is in equal position?
What we have instead is some vague and pretty useless bits of information, most of which is of abstract nature, not stating anything in specifics, sufficient enough to make an intelligent decision.
The grip of this global information monopoly on the issues of modern world are hard to even begin to comprehend. Because at this junction, Google basically has a blank check to do as they please and no one even knows what is hidden in that Google chest of secrets, conveniently labeled "Proprietary Information".
At the same time, for all practical purposes, Google is running the world, and its impact is simply immense from any angle you can look at it.
Its effects are most profound and will ripple through the generations to come, and we can only hope, that if it this chest is ever opened, we are not going to fall on our rears in utter disgust, and holler, in utter despair "oh my God!"
How do you know who is really running the world behind the scenes and according to what principles? Do you even care to know? Or all you are interested in, is your own pay check? If so, get ready for something forthcoming, that will not only boggle your mind, but will make you the walking zombies, not even having enough will power to commit suicide in the unending misery of cataclysmic events.
Isn't it the time to think about these kinds of things?

Unexplainable behavior of Google search engine

Some completely unexplainable behavior of Google search engine has been discovered recently, and the more analysis was performed, the more it looked like manual manipulation of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Following are some highlights.

Disappearance of "Top search queries" entries from SERPs

Google provides various tools for webmasters to see various aspects of performance of their sites. One of them, called "Top search queries", shows the best performing search queries and their relative position on Google SERPs. Those queries were indeed performed, and if you perform the same searches again, you should see your site appearing in approximately the same position on one of SERPs, as it appears on "Top search queries" page.
What has been discovered with Programmer's Goldmine collections, is that if you perform the same queries again, you won't find your site on ANY of the resulting SERPs for most of the same queries Google reports as your "Top search queries". Not in the same position, not in a lower or higher position. You simply won't find them on ANY SERP.
Such a behavior is not possible in a normally functioning system without manual manipulation of search engine rules or filters. Any query may only get into lower position on SERPs, but not disappear altogether.
Otherwise, it is a ticket to global disaster. If you can make some kinds of information simply disappear and other types of information appear in the top positions, then what would it eventually and inevitably lead to?
Here is some screen shots of existing queries:
Furthermore, if you look at the same "Top search queries" page right now, you will notice that most of the queries no longer exist. Out of a maximum 100 queries, only 18 are left.
Similar results were observed for other PG sites.
If you look at the same "Top search queries" page right now, most of the queries simply evaporated. They no longer exist at all. Not in lower position, not in higher position, not in ANY position.
Furthermore, out of the a maximum of 100 queries, only 32 remain. But where did all others go?

Dramatic and totally unexplainable jumps in number of pages indexed

It has been observed, that starting from early May, 2009, the number of pages indexed by Google from Programmer's Goldmine sites started to decrease steadily and quite drastically. At this point, some sites show hundreds of times fewer articles indexed, compared to what they had before this unexplainable drop.
Google recommends webmasters use the site:yoursite.yourdomain to determine the number of pages indexed. Obviously, when your index starts dropping like a rock, there is something wrong somewhere, especially in the light of the fact that there was no changes to the sites. All the attempts to figure out what could possibly be the reason for such an unusual and rapid drop lead nowhere.
Then, all of a sudden, while doing a daily check on a number of pages indexed, it has been observed that the number jumped to a much higher value, hundreds of times bigger than it would show most of the time. Interestingly enough, that higher number did correspond to an estimated number of pages that should have been indexed. That was actually the correct number, seen before these drastic drops in counts of pages indexed.
When this issue was brought up on Google webmaster forums, the result was utter hostility and flat denial of undeniable. Some of the "explanations" and "reasons" for such a drop simply bordered on utter lunacy as they had absolutely nothing to do with this kind of behavior
Even after presenting a hard evidence in form of screen-shots, it was all either totally ignored, denied or discounted as something "normal". The explanation was "well, it is just an estimate". Well, fine. Obviously, the estimates can not possibly be exact. But when those estimates are hundreds and thousands times off, then what kind of estimates are they? What DO they estimate, if anything, even remotely resembling any kind of reality?
Interestingly enough, it has been noticed that in most cases, you would see a much lower number of pages indexed, but once in a while, it would jump hundreds of times higher. The most interesting thing about it is that these results would not simply vary in some unpredictable manner, but would jump around those relatively stable lower and higher numbers in a very consistent manner.
Such a behavior is simply impossible in a normally functioning system. It is possible in two cases only:
a) the system is profoundly broken and results are totally inconsistent.
b) the system is manipulated to produce these lower numbers artificially under certain conditions, for whatever reasons.
Here is some specific examples and evidence in form of screen shots.
Search: ""
This is what search shows most of the times:
3,790 for
while the correct number is:
1,030,000 for
That is whooping 271 times off! How could ANY kind of estimate be so much off, it they are to mean anything, even remotely resembling reality?
Screenshot for the correct index:
Note: this is how Google recommends to find out the number of pages indexed from your site.
61,800 from - correct result
1,160 from - incorrect result
That is 53 times off!
37,900 from - correct result
1,490 from - incorrect result
That is 25 times off!
826,000 for - correct result
4,460 for - incorrect result
That is 185 times off!
32,800 from - correct result
2,880 from - incorrect result
That is 11 times off!
543,000 for - correct result
4,320 for - incorrect result
That is 125 times off!
25,400 from - correct result
315 from - incorrect result
That is 80 times off!
Search: ""
513,000 for - correct result
3,060 for - incorrect result
That is 167 times off!
10,400 from - correct result
3,190 - incorrect result
459,000 for - correct result
6,200 for - incorrect result
That is 74 times off!
71,200 from - correct result
15,400 from - incorrect result
What is interesting about this behavior is that it is pretty much the same regardless of which site we are looking at or which country is it located in.
It is hard to even imagine what kind of an impact these kinds of discrepancies may have on all sorts of sites and net as a whole.

Drastic reduction of article page views on PG sites

After publication of a reference to the article you are reading on Google webmaster forums and its subsequent view by the Google personnel from various Google offices worldwide, traffic dropped significantly. This is not a normal behavior and is a clear evidence of manual manipulations, atypical of normal operation of the search engine.
There were no changes to any of these sites recently. So, the entire set of events does not make any logical sense whatsoever.
On the top of it, these are some of the cleanest sites on the net. As far as new Google's slogan of "positive user experience" goes, these are the absolute cream of the crop sites. Because there is not a single ad on any of these sites. That slogan has to do with a number of ads on some web page as a percentage of useful information on that page. The amount of useful information in each article is 100%, unlike most of the sites on the net, where you get up to 95% of ads per page, and in some instances even worse than that.
Furthermore, these collections are unique as they contain the precisely selected information going back several years, organized in the most intuitively natural way, just like any book, and article format is probably the best among the comparable collections. Not even major players, such as Google itself and others, have articles formatted in such a clean and clear way.
As to overall quality of article selection, you can not possibly achieve such an outstanding performance even if you use the Google itself. Not a single major player has such an outstanding collection of articles so precisely selected and organized as well as Programmer's Goldmine sites. NONE.
So, what does this slogan of "positive user experience" mean in effect?
These collections contain hundreds of thousands of practical program examples and expert discussions on every conceivable topic, precisely selected from millions of articles. There is just nothing like it on the entire net. Simple as that.
In summary, among all the similar collections on the net, these are the cream of the crop. They are viewed by the leading software and hardware manufacturers and pro software engineers from all over the world, and, at this point, they are the recommended reference material at several educational institutions and research organizations worldwide. Some of the leading companies in the world regularly use these collections on a daily basis.
You can review the threads from Google webmaster forums to get more specific details, screen shots, logs and other evidence to see for yourself what is it that we are dealing with here. Most of these threads were deleted from Google webmaster forums for utterly erroneous reasons.

Google - The Face of Evil Most Profound

After visiting the Google webmaster forums recently to see what's new under the Sun, and noticing the regular harassment orgy, typical of Google webmaster forums, a question was asked of one of these so called "top contributors". What is your interest in all this? His response was his typical concoction of lies and fabrications, based in fiction, perverting things to the level of obscene.
What followed, was quite interesting to observe. He was reminded, for the umptieth time, that he has no authority, whatsoever, to make any representations on behalf of Google as to internals and principles of search engine operation, the DC (DataCenter) updates, filters, Google regularly applies to censor the content on the Internet and things of that nature.
Within minuets that message was removed by Google. That was between strange and unreal. Yes, some specific quotes of his simply outrageous harassments were presented and some hard facts related to his lies, fabrications and concoctions of a sick mind were presented indeed, and what does he expect when he does what he does? But to remove a response to some totally berserk set of lies was something else. No questions about it.
First of all, that response was simply clearly addressing his concoctions point by point and reminding him of his real authority, which is none, zero, zip, zilch. These nobodies, called "top contributors", give all sorts of utterly useless advices to the clueless webmasters and keep fabricating the issues and all sorts of horror stories out of thin air all the time on those forums, and not a single one of them really knows what he is talking about because whatever information Google decides to release, it already does. Period. Full stop. Bas!
Google SPECIFIALLY withholds all sorts of most important information, vital to any webmaster and site owner, who wants to run a successful business, which is one of the biggest problems with Google and which poses one of the most profound threats not only to some regular business, but to the mankind as such, as its entire future vitally depends on this humongous monopoly, operated based on principles of the most profound evil, and there is so much evidence of it all over the place, it is simply hard to comprehend why, to this very moment, the international community did not place limits on its all pervasive influence in almost any area conceivable.
If Google can go as far as to put no one less than one of the biggest and most respectable brands under the Sun, BMW, on its knees, and force them to totally change their entire model just because Google refuses to accept their normal and quite usual ways of doing business, typical of automotive and other similar industries, then you can not even begin to comprehend the consequences of such a blatant domination of such profound magnitude.
Automotive industry has some very specific properties. For one thing, their inventories run into millions of parts. All these parts are the same for any of their franchises. All of them are selling the same parts and services. But, according to Google, you can not have a so called duplicate content, which means?
Well, which means that every single shop has to have a different web page for a different part or a set of related parts. Otherwise, they are not going to show up in Google search as a separate entity. Because such content already exists elsewhere on the net, and primarily on BMW sites. So, what does one have to do to run his business if he wants to stay in business and to be able to advertise his operation and inventory?
Does anyone comprehend the consequences of Google dictating things of THIS caliber to the whole world? Or do you, in your clear mind, think this is some kind of exception?
But what about airline reservation systems? Can those advertise as separate agencies and have the same information as available on a parent site?
What about just about ANY kind of business out there? How would the dentists create a "unique and compelling" content out of the same set of parts, tools, medications, methods and you name it, without being threatened by this global monstrosity called Google?
And this is just a TIP of an iceberg. Go visit the Google webmaster forums. You won't believe your eyes how many people are crying like babies, begging on their knees, being humiliated and insulted by these monsters with criminal minds, who blatantly put "Kiss My Wookie" on their favicons and name themselves Autocrat?
And if you decide to speak up and bring the most unprecedented kinds of errors and problems on a Google's end or address this giant slaughter machine, called webmaster forums, then not only your articles and the entire threads get removed, but your account is blocked? For WHAT? For telling the TRUTH? Just like it is?
And not only your account is blocked, but from then on, you as indivitual are banned forever and prevented from even having an opportunity to present your position and address the issues of the most unprecedented discrepancies and errors in Google search engine operation conceivable?
What kind of "opaque business model" is this? A model of Raging Hell? By ANY chance?
And these monsters with criminal minds, harassing people all day long on Google webmaster forums just keep raging on, without even being placed on notice?
Based on what monkey logic?
And Google thinks there is no limits to its "power" of most profound evil? Destroying millions of livelihoods because of its utter idiocy in this cunning architecture based on the opinions of the herd, like it was a word of God?
Does ANYONE has ANY specific objections? On ANY specific issues? Let me see that!
Planet Earth, Planet Earth. ANYBODY HOME?
It would seem to be MUCH more appropriate for Google to publish the exact information, point by point, on all the potential issues Google might have with some site as related to various practices people use, hopelessly trying to improve their "ratings".
And those ratings, to begin with, is about the biggest calamity on the net. Because of the fundamentally wrong architecture of Google search engine, that is based primarily on this fictitious concept of backlinks, instead of focusing on technologies and methods that allow one to find the information based on the content itself and not on a number of links pointing to some bizarre article, the font size of your h1 header, or the alt text you place on your images?
Fine. So what kind of things you are likely to find with this kind of technology? Some utterly incompetent blabber, written by some clueless kids, wasting away on the net and shouting kill, kill, kill all day long?
It has been stated before, and let us repeat it again, and again, and again: Majority opinion NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES defines quality. And that is exactly what Google does. It defines the quality and informational value based on how many links point to some web page.
And that is Google's ace card. That is what Google in actuality is. The number of links pointing to some site. All other bells and whistles simply attempt to get this crooked man walk straight, which is impossible by definition.
What you have as a result is the so called ranking system. The more fools talk about something, the more "value" that something must have according to this monkey logic of oblivion and total zombification of mankind.
So, what kind of things appear in the TOP positions in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) as a result of all this lunacy? Well, you can bet your you know what that most of it will be some blog, where all sorts of kids with well below average level of competence talk about something that happens to be a subject of what you are looking for. Except you are likely to be looking for some quality material, and instead, you get the idle chatter by the clueless, filling the top slots in the search result page.
What are the chances of you finding some brilliant writer, who has brilliant ideas or revolutionary discovery, not yet known to the world? Guess!
The chances are zero, zip and zilch. Why? Well, because nobody knows him yet. He has no back links. How would he get those links to even get into 1000th position on SERPs? Go around the world to all sorts of places and spam them out of their head, just like Google does ALL over the net? Is THAT the solution to the worlds problems at the moment?
And that IS the "bottom line" of all this.
And THAT is what you get as a result of this totally broken concept and this obscene idea of backlinks, having absolutely nothing to do with any kind of quality or informational value.
Then, as a result, people start trying to cheat the system by stuffing links, preloading all sorts of garbage keywords wherever they can find a place to stick them on, putting tens of copies of the same keywords as alt text to images, like it means something, and on and on and on.
Just go visit the Google webmaster forums. That is what they are dealing with over there all day long, every single day of the year. All sorts of people come there all the time and most of them are doing the same stoopid things trying to cheat nothing less than the Monster Google itself! To cheat nothing less than the servant of the most profound evil manifest? You must be outa your mind!
Now, what if you have a picture of an act of ejaculation and load the alt text with something like "the latest scientific discovery of thermonuclear synthesis"? Do you, in your clear mind, think that Google is capable of determining that your text has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with that picture? How would they do so?
What if you make your h1 headers of 240 point size? What about it? Do you realize how many stoopid tricks are there people are trying for years, hoping to get into "top ranks", "da elite" level? And what do you think Google does meanwhile? Well, they have armies of bio-robots, called programmers, running up and down the hallways with plastic smiles on their dumb, sucky input holes, with their hairs raised, thinking how to counteract all the tricks you keep forever inventing to "beat da system". THIS is what is happening as a result. A tremendous waste, based on the principles of utmost cunningness and deceit, hoping against all hope "to beat da system". What a waste of human potential!
And when someone brings these issues up, you destroy what they have to say and you even try to destroy them as individuals? What kind of model is this?
Well, a model of raging hell it is.
Now, how many generations does the mankind have a chance to survive for with this kind of model of solving the most urgent problems facing the entire planet Earth and your own lives and lives of your own children, and children of your children, if you are lucky to make it for the next two generations. Because what is forthcoming will not only boggle your minds, but will make walking zombies out of most of you, not even having enough will power to commit suicide, my dear humanity.
And this is just one miniscule example of the most profound ways that monster machine, called Google, based on pure bluff, affects not only some isolated business, but ANY area of human activity. Simple as that.
It is a well known fact that by now Google is bent upon nothing less than to "change the whole world". Nothing less, nothing more. What an arrogance! With these kinds of cunning and perverted minds? With these kinds of techniques of utmost violence and deceit?
Who are these cunning perverts, that could even conceive of an idea to run their so called web master help forums by being as cunning as to not even pay a PENNY for it? With all the wealth available to Google, it is so greedy that it can not even afford to hire a few qualified professionals to provide an appropriate, to the point help and to clarify things in precise and specific details?
Not to even publish the most critical information for everyone to see, so everyone knows the "rules of the game" and is in equal position?
And how do they solve the problem instead? Well, simple enough. Just get some bullies. Allow them to do anything they please, including the most blatant and unceremonious self-marketing and unlimited insulting opportunities.
Top it off with the ability to remove any evidence they wish, and let them harass anyone who has any issues with Google, and in the most blatant ways you can imagine, and they will do it all day long for you. All for "free". You don't even have to pay a penny for it. What a beauty of a business model. Even mafia would feel jealous!
And THAT is how Google keeps its "Positive User Experience" image, that utter delusion of a slogan as meaningful as the estimated number of pages on Google SERPs, which happens to be about 1000 times off. LITERALLY, and there is as hard of an evidence of it available, as it gets. Right in this very article. Just look around. It is there, waiting to be discovered.
Simple enough for the mortals to comprehend?
But what happens instead, they created this circus, filled with these puppets, or rather sharks, who are given the authority broad enough to do virtually anything they please, regardless, up to the point of removal of any thread they wish, which is not only strange, but simply berserk. How would a respectable enterprise, especially of a size of Google allow totally unauthorized individuals such a degree of freedom, is simply mind boggling.
Most of them are plainly and blatantly milking these forums for so called SEO business, and in quite unceremonious manner. None of them really know what they are talking about because they are not Google employees and have never been trained in anything related to search engine operation or system architecture. They simply have no necessary technical background to even begin to comprehend some of the issues.
Not a single one of these individuals really understands the search engine mechanics and principles of operation and knows any of Google's "proprietary" information, and could not POSSIBLY know. By definition.
Nevertheless, the response to their concoctions was removed within minutes. Why would Google be so concerned with such an innocent message, that simply refutes the totally ungrounded accusations and other utter nonsense? It was simply clearly addressing all the lies and concoctions, point by point, posted by one of the most outrageously behaving bullies around, whose nick is Autocrat, which is bad enough in itself, and whose favicon reads "Kiss My Wookie".
This criminally minded despicable individual is regularly involved in continuous abuse of webmasters, that simply came to these forums for some answer, outrageous harassments, defamation and slander and you name it. How would the individuals with this kind of mentality be even allowed to participate on these forums escapes any imagination.
What kind of "help" these kinds of people are capable of providing to webmasters, whose livelihood depends on whether Google does its job in a honest and decent manner and on a professional level?
And yet, HIS rotten concoctions were left intact, but response to it, clearly addressing that garbage, point by point was removed. What seems to be a problem, dear Google? You seem to be getting WAY too concerned about such an innocent thing.
Compared to the harassments and abuse on record by your so called top contributors, bullying people left and right all day long, this kind of response is an angels song. And yet you IMMEDIATELY remove it.
Not only that. But you even close that thread, leaving these ugly concoctions intact and remove the response to it.
Not only that. But you even go as far as to BLOCK THE ACCOUNT? Jesus Christ! Have mercy on these people. They verily know not what they are doing. Or DO they?
And what does Google hope to achieve with this most blatant and most arrogant form of destruction of evidence possible even in principle? Any clue, dear Google?
And yes, you won't be disappointed reading some of his masterpieces. Probably the most appropriate representation of what these so called help forums for webmasters are all about. VERY representative I'd say.
Well, if Google thinks it can simply harass and slander people and then simply remove the evidence of these ugly orgies, conducted by these sick sadists, they are a little bit naive.
Do they hope that these issues are simply going to go away, by some magic power of evil they are willing to engage every step of the way, no matter what it takes? Sure, with their extensive system of censorship and suppression of information, Google IS capable of suppressing the information in quite unprecedented ways. And, combined with utter horror, experienced by anyone, who hopes to show up in Google index, they immediately remove any information that sheds a true light on what this monstrocity called Google is, the odds of any compromising information about Google to see the light of day are as slim as it gets. But...
You can still read this thread intact, up to its moment of destruction. Google - The Face of Evil, Most Profound .

Destruction of evidence on Google webmaster forums

The punch line of the harassment orgies on Google webmasters forums may go as far as destruction of evidence, just as happened in case of several threads addressing the issues of the most unprecedented behavior of google search engine, wild, and totally unexplainable gyrations of number of pages indexed, disappearance of page views resulting from Google search, disappearance of entries from "Top search queries" from SERPs, and several other most unprecedented aspects of Google search engine behavior.
Those threads provided specific evidence of fact in form of screen shots and other references to statistics and various logs. They are included here for everyone to see and make up their own mind.
As it has been observed on numerous cases, after these, pardon for expression, sadists, which is probably the most appropriate term to describe some of those "Top Contributors" and "Bionic posters", had enough fun of insulting, humiliating and harassing someone, they simply unceremoniously remove the entire threads with all the articles so there is no trace of any of it left on record.
Furthermore, any mentioning of Google webmaster forums threads related to totally unexplainable behavior of Google search engine on various blogs, would inevitably cause the removal of those articles from those blogs. This has been observed on several blogs and corresponding log entries were made and saved for future references. Those removals align with Google viewing the article you are reading.
It is simply impossible to even begin to comprehend the amount of destruction of evidence on these forums without conducting a detailed investigation.
Apparently some people think that destroying evidence from all sorts of places is the way to address these issues. They engage in these massive orgies of most blatant insults and harassment, trying to hijack the threads with continuous, and totally inappropriate "explanations", that happen to have basically nothing to do with the exact issues, raised on these threads, trying to create some kind of "majority opinion". Little do they realize or care that Truth is not decided by majority opinion. Ever.
Following are the archive copies of threads, removed from google webmaster forums.

Sites disappeared from SERPs for "Top search queries" (destroyed)

The Sites disappeared from SERPs for "Top search queries" provided several examples of hard evidence of Google search engine manipulations that resulted in the most unusual behavior of completely disappearing page views via Google search engine.
The site owners may use Google webmaster tools to keep track of their sites and observe various statistics, etc. One of things the webmasters can do is to see which particular queries appeared in Google SERPs for these sites and in which position. That means, if some query is listed, it was indeed performed and it did appear in some position on SERPs. What was found regarding several Programmer's Goldmine sites, is that if you perform the same search queries again, you won't be able to find any references to these sites on ANY SERPs, in any position.
This fact alone is evidence enough to indicate the manipulation of search results.
Within hours after publication of reference to the article you are reading, and subsequent view of it by the Google personnel on July 9, 2009 from the Google World Headquarters in Mountain View, California, USA, all the page views, resulting from Google searches, have rapidly stopped. Such a behavior is simply impossible in a normally functioning system without manual intervention.
Even in the most drastic cases, when the entire site is removed from the Google index for whatever reason, it takes several months for Google search engine to completely remove the references to the sites of comparable size. So, if people perform searches during that time, they will still be able to find the articles from that site. But in this case, it all happened literally overnight, which is in itself an evidence of manipulation via manual intervention into normal workings of Google search engine.

What kind of SERPs manipulation is this? thread

The What kind of SERPs manipulation is this? thread was created after seeing new unexpected and quite unusual behavior of Google search engine.
After Google employees from their Mountain View, California, USA office viewed the article you are reading, on July 9, 2009, a totally new Google Miracle was observed: all page views on Programmer's Goldmine sites, resulting from google searches simply disappeared. All at once. For no reason at all. There was nothing done to any sites. No new anything anywhere, and, boom! The Google Miracle!
And to this day, there are no article page views as a result of performing searches on Google, which is simply impossible under normal working conditions, considering the usual traffic on these sites as a result of doing Google searches.
To date, we have seen so many of those miracles, and some of them so far beyond any logic or reason, that it takes quite some comprehension skills not to get completely mind boggled by all sorts of things, well beyond comprehension.

Google Index Drops Like a Rock thread (destroyed)

This thread was the original thread describing the unusual and unprecedented fluctuations of Google SERPs. The entire thread has been deleted by "Top Contributor", Phil Payne. The reason? "...because valuable volunteer time was being taken up to no useful purpose. And my fingers are itching again."
Well, totally incorrect search results are simply of no interest to these people, even though, for others, it may turn out to be the issue of life and death to their business. In this thread, the issues of dramatic differences in search results were discussed with Top Contributors.
He was asked: If that "volunteer" time was so valuable, how come Google does not pay a penny for it? Secondly, If Google does consider these forums of ANY value, how come they did not hire the competent professionals to handle these forums on appropriate level?
You can view the fully tagged version of Google Index Drops Like a Rock thread to make up your own mind on what it might mean to you, especially if you are competent enough and can understand some technical details involved.

Google Webmaster forums: SERPs discrepancies thread (thread destroyed)

The SERPs discrepancies thread was created to discuss the wild and totally unexplainable fluctuations in the number of articles on Google SERPs.
One of "Top Contributors", webado, even posted a picture, as some kind of perverted "answer", that tells more about Google webmaster forums than anything else.
Does anyone in his clear mind expect Google to take ANY responsibility for such outrageous demonstrations of how little do they care about anything anybody has to say?
"Nah, it was not us. We don't have anything to do with it. It was some volunteer". Simple as that. And if you know "how it works", you should be able to finish their sentence: "oh, sure, we do use them all the time to destroy any evidence of any kind of problems we might have, hehehe".
Can you PROVE anything? Could this individual be classified as authorized Google representative in legal terms? Guess what... "Little do we care if you even exist for all practical purposes!".
And that is the bottom line of all this Google zombification phenomenon.

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