Re: What's dispinterface and what's the difference between

"Igor Tandetnik" <>
Wed, 20 Sep 2006 21:06:40 -0400
"Jenny" <> wrote in message

What's the difference between dispinterface and an interface derived
from IDispatch? Thanks.

A dispinterface is IDispatch plus a specification of which DISPIDs are
valid, what they mean and what parameters should accompany them in an
Invoke call. To implement a dispinterface means to implement seven
methods of IDispatch, while responding to specific DISPIDs in a specific

An interface derived from IDispatch supports methods in its vtable above
and beyond the seven that are part of IDispatch proper. This arrangement
is typically used for dual interfaces. A dual interface provides access
to the same functionality in two different ways - via IDispatch::Invoke
(late binding) as well as with a direct vtable call (early binding).
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    Igor Tandetnik

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