Re: Error when using Inheritance in templates.

Dombo <dombo@disposable.invalid>
Sun, 28 Aug 2011 11:51:11 +0200
Op 28-Aug-11 10:11, Vinesh S schreef:

Hello all,

I wanted to use inheritance in the typename.

for. eg.
template<class T>
class Listener
  T* ptr;


and in the main ...

Listener<BaseAdapter>* listenerPtr1 = new

where BaseAdapter -> ParentClass
           ChildAdapter-> Child class derived from BaseAdapter.


when i tried to compile, it throws an error
error: cannot convert ?Listener<ChildAdapter>*? to
?Listener<BaseAdapter>*? in initialization

This is to be expected since as far as inheritance is concerned the
Listener<ChildAdapter> and Listener<BaseAdapter> have no relation
whatsoever with each other.

How can i get around this problem?

There are several ways I can think of, but it is hard to tell which one
would be more appropriate without having a bit more information about
what you are trying to accomplish.

As i want a class template whose typename is a base class and the
instances use the child class....
is this possible ?

The question is why are you using a template class here? If ChildAdapter
is derived from BaseAdapter why wouldn't a non-templated Listener class
which has a BaseAdapter pointer suffice?

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