Re: C++, is it Dead?

"Earl Purple" <>
17 May 2006 02:02:11 -0700
Henrik Goldman wrote:

If people would have been given the option to delete all history and make a
new C++ library from scratch would it look like the current? Probably not.
Even Microsoft tried to make a new set of standard C functions which helps
on security against buffer overruns etc. (e.g. sprintf_s).

No, I wouldn't. The downsides in C++ as I see it are the lack of
standard libraries for graphics and GUI, for networking/internet and
for threads. A standard database connectivity would also be useful, in
fact why not a standard database (MySQL anyone?) Of course there is a
lot of "open-source" available. In reality it's not always so widely
known and it can be a problem convincing your boss/systems
administrator that you should use them. That's if they've decided to
use C++ as the language anyway, and most of the time it's because there
is legacy code in C++ (usually very badly written).

And little issues with regard to exception and thread-safety that can
cause problems. And the "virtual destructor" bug, plus other little

Lack of garbage collection I don't really see as a problem with
shared_ptr now being brought in. One sometimes has to be careful about
shared_ptr though.

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