Re: Forward class redefinition problem

"Victor Bazarov" <>
Wed, 26 Jul 2006 08:49:17 -0400
<ea7ocg$qk7$> wrote:

I have the following problem

The below class is fully defined in the header file thus there's no
.cpp-file. The header-file is included in several lib's I'm using.
#pragma once

This is implementation-defined. If you have problems because of it,
we can't help you. Contact the newsgroup dedicated to your compiler.

class CCriticalSectionGuard ;

You don't need a forward-declaration for a friend declaration, IIRC.

class CCriticalSection
friend class CCriticalSectionGuard ;

class CCriticalSectionGuard
Now I use this class in several other classes but when I compile the
compiler (Visual Studio 2005) gives me the following error statement:
error C2011: 'CCriticalSection' : 'class' type redefinition

WHERE? I mean, on which line with the word 'CCriticalSection'? You
got at least three of them here.

Thinking of it I get this when I try to compile into a .dll but not

DLLs are off-topic, sorry.

when I compile into a .lib (which I use in the .dll-file) and they
basically uses the same libs. Anyone got any inputs?

Somebody in the newsgroup where DLLs are on topic should.

I've checked the following things: there's no duplicate files in any
include paths, there's no duplication of the class name in any other
include file. All project headers starts with the #pragma once
directive (thus adding #ifndef wont help - I've tried that as

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