Re: Threading issue in next standard

"kanze" <>
Wed, 23 Aug 2006 12:42:46 CST
Jiang wrote:

kanze wrote:

Jiang wrote:


3. This is maybe a little bit off-topic, but it is said
   that Bjarne Stroustrup has been working with
   concurrent programming for at least 20 years,
   for what reason he (together with committee
   members) did not add threading to the language?

He wanted to be able to implement it under Unix at the time?

Really? I am not sure, but Unix(s) at that time does not
have any thread model in my mind.

Exactly. Since the OS didn't support concurrency, he didn't put
it in the language.

I've seen some early attempts to implement threaded systems in
C++ on top of an OS which didn't support them. They weren't

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