Re: Garbage Collection - The Trash Begins To Pile Up

"Le Chaud Lapin" <>
8 Jan 2007 02:56:22 -0500
Mirek Fidler wrote:

James Kanze wrote:

Le Chaud Lapin wrote:

What is that problem? Memory management? Every time I ask for a
concrete example where GC would be useful, someone mentions cycles.
Is that all?

The problem is having to write code to do something that the
machine can do better than any code I could possibly write.

Well, I guess such answer is not really helpful ;)

Maybe, if we really would like to push this debate somewhere, we should
discuss some real-world example where pro-GC camp thinks GC solution
shines for some reason. Until then, we will go in circles.

Yes, and if you do not have a design problem where you think GC would
shine, but just a design problem in general, please feel free to post
it here in the group.

We can then post solutions, both from the

1. GC, polymorphism, "entity-objects" point of view,

and from the

2. constructor/destructor, RAII, Yin/Yang point of view.

Then we can compare the designs. If it turns out that we still
disagree, at the very least, then lurkers on this thread can at least
gain some insight regarding the different points of view and make up
their own minds. Since there is a posts running concurrently about
multi-threading (no pun intended), it would be helpful to make it
involve multi-threading too. And finally, since not everyone lurking
in this group has 20 years of experience, I would choose something
that, while non-trivial to write, is not so esoteric that you need,
say, a background in DSP to do it.

-Le Chaud Lapin-

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