Re: Standard Library Implementations

From: (Carl Barron)
Sat, 31 Mar 2007 00:28:29 CST
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Ivan Novick <> wrote:


Does any one know of a list of commercial and opensource
implementations of the C++ standard library?

Or if there is no list currently if anyone knows of one can you please
mention it.

I am not including implementations that are strictly bundled with a
compiler .... like Microsoft or even gcc i suppose can only be used
inside gcc.

The only ones i can think of are STLport and Dinkumware.

   The standard template library has a doubly linked list of values,

   std::list<T,A> should be availble in any post 2000 C++ compiler
claiming to handle standard C++ as it is in the standard
library,according to C++98.

  Beware of naively storing pointers from the heap, in STL containers,
as erasing or overwritting the pointer does not delete what it pointed
to. This can be overcome woth smart pointers such as boost::shared_ptr,
  or tr1::shared_ptr, or some custom smart ptr, such as one that deep
copies on copy or assignment and handles base* to derived * properly.
]About 100 lines of human readable code to do the last one, without
regard to thread safety.(The impilmentation I have seen did not address

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