Re: Strange template problem - Comeau vs EDG

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albrecht.fritzsche schrieb:

What does the standard says about the following

   class Base {};

   template <typename T>
   class Derived : public T

   int main() {
     Derived<const Base> d;

Is this correct Xor not correct?

The strange thing is that Comeau (and gcc and VC++ 8) compiles this
without even a warning while the EDG (and icc) triggers an error. (And
I'd thought Comeau and EDG behaved somewhat the same.)

Unfortunately I cannot find anything in the standard about this issue,
except a little note 14.1(5)

   The top-level cv-qualifiers on the template-parameter are ignored when
   determining its type.

This very last quote is not related to this issue, because it
concerns only non-type template-parameters.

According to the resolution of the defect report

(which can already be found in the current draft N2134) the
intend is to allow cv qualifiers in typedef-name's.
Further on typedef-name's and type-parameter's are
synchronized according to 14.1/3:

"A type-parameter defines its identifier to be a typedef-name
(if declared with class or typename) or template-name (if
declared with template) in the scope of the template declaration.

From this we can conclude that your example is feasible

according to the most recent interpretation, which explains
deviations in current compiler reactions.

Greetings from Bremen,

Daniel Kr?gler

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