Re: How can I implement this with boost::thread?

 James Kanze <>
Sat, 16 Jun 2007 12:33:31 -0700
On Jun 16, 6:27 pm, "BobR" <> wrote:

James Kanze wrote in message ...

On Jun 16, 1:39 am, "BobR" wrote:

/* """ quote

'Boost library' and 'pthread' are off-topic in this NG (at
this point in time.).

Pthreads, maybe, but Boost, certainly not. Boost is certainly
C++, and it is not platform specific, so it is on topic.

""" */ unquote

COOL, then wxWidgets CAN be discussed here. <G>

Technically, I think so.

Boost, at any rate, is certainly admissible, since it is more or
less and antechambre for standardization, and it is (like the
entire language) very low level.

I think that the actual charter also would accept things like
wxWidgets. It's hard to say whether that was the intent,
however, since such libraries didn't exist at the time.
Existing portable class libraries, such as the Booch components
or USL, were certainly considered acceptable.

Arguably, even MFC is acceptable, because there was, at one
time, and implementation of it for Unix. Practically, I'd argue
that the intent never really included commercial libraries,

At any rate, I'd certainly accept Boost, and pthreads or Windows
threads would be acceptable in the framework of a more general
discussion on thread safety issues (e.g. as an example).
Details discussion of the more subtle aspects of their
interface, of course, is better handled in other forums; Boost
has their own list, and there are dedicated groups for pthreads
and Windows. In the case of Boost, however, I'd say that the
main reason is because that's where the poster is more likely to
get a knowledgeable response, not because it's strictly off
topic here.

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