Re: Exceptions and thread-safety

 James Kanze <>
Wed, 31 Oct 2007 11:47:25 -0000
On Oct 31, 8:56 am, Ioannis Gyftos <> wrote:

I was afraid of this, since I hear the C++ standard is not
thread-aware. So, I will try to work this around a bit.

Most implementations today are, however; the exact guarantees
vary, but should be sufficient to allow simultaneously throwing
an exception in two different threads. This was not necessarily
the case a few years ago, however---g++ 2.85.2, for example, was
*not* thread aware, and did have problems when two threads threw
an exception at the same time.


I know it's a rather bad design, but I was not aware of the
fact that all Qt GUI must drawn at a specific thread when I
started this :(

Isn't that a restriction in all GUI libraries? The usual
solution is to convert the request to some sort of GUI request,
on the GUI event queue, and have the GUI send you a message back
when the request was handled.

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