Re: Avoiding the anonymous variable declaration RAII error...

Greg Herlihy <>
Thu, 13 Mar 2008 11:59:33 CST
On Mar 12, 6:37 pm, "Eric J. Holtman" <> wrote:

"Eric J. Holtman" <> wrote innews:Xns9A5E4E8002603ejhericholtmamcom@

However, it's a massive race condition just waiting to happen
if you forget the "lk", and just write:

process_threaded_data ()
     Locker (m_mutex);


Well, it seems like the votes mostly go towards using
the pre-processor. I was hoping that there was some new
trick, either using templates, or hiding constructors,
that would work.

Actually there is a very simple technique to prevent an unnamed Locker
variable - just replace "Locker" in the variable's declaration with an
equivalent typedef:

     typedef Locker StLocker;

     process_threaded_data ()
          StLocker (m_mutex); // Error
          StLocker lk (m_mutex); // OK
          // ...



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