Re: I just want to lock() - is that so wrong?

peter koch <>
Wed, 26 Mar 2008 10:35:54 -0700 (PDT)
On 26 Mar., 18:26, Zerex71 <> wrote:

On Mar 26, 11:56 am, Richard Herring <junk@[]> wrote:

In message
Zerex71 <> writes

On Mar 26, 10:31 am, wrote:

On Mar 26, 9:09 am, Zerex71 <> wrote:

And, while we're on the topic of what's on topic, tell me again why=


poster wouldn't want to post a C++-related thread on a newsgroup th=


is called "comp.lang.c++".

"First of all, please keep in mind that comp.lang.c++ is a group for
of general issues of the C++ programming language, as defined by the
language standard. If you have a problem that is specific to a
particular system
or compiler, you are much more likely to get complete and accurate
answers in a
group that specializes in your platform. A listing of some newsgroups=

is given
at the end of this post.

Still sounds C++-related to me.

 From the hint "// Also set /clr compile option in the project
properties" it sounds C++/CLI related to me. Despite the misleadingly
similar name, that's an entirely different language.


Keep digging, and all the knowledgeable posters here will surely push
you into the resulting pit, or their killfiles.

Did you read this part of the FAQ?

"Include the smallest, complete and compilable program that exhibits

That would as a minimum have included the definition of your "lock"
class or function, or whatever it is, since it is not a part of the C++
standard and nobody here can read minds.

Richard Herring

I'm still stunned because the impression I get is that this group has
blinders on and is only able to talk about the language from a
language design perspective, having never coded something like what I
am attemping in C++. I find it hard to believe - most people are more
advanced than the simple concept I'm trying, from what I gather.

Might be. Most of us, including myself, have written multithreaded
software, but we have not used C++/CLI (and looking at the code, this
lock-thing looks all wrong to me from the conceptual level). And even
more important is that we reserve this newsgroup for more or less
language-related stuff. By doing so, we reduce the noise-level and we
benefit the posters by helping them to find the proper newsgroup. Your
insistence that another language is on-topic here is just stupid -
even if the language is close to C++.


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