Re: multithreading.

James Kanze <>
Thu, 27 Mar 2008 01:50:05 -0700 (PDT)
On Mar 26, 8:28 pm, "Victor Bazarov" <> wrote: wrote:

i want to use multithreading in c++,i have no previous experience of
implementing multithreading but from my operating system concepts i
know few concepts of multithreading .
can anyone please guide me how and were to begin from.

Begin with a good book. I recall that "Java Thread
Programming" by Paul Hyde gave me the needed push (never mind
that it's for Java, the principles are the same). I am sure
that nowadays you can find many a book on multithreading. Ask
in 'comp.programming.threads'.

Along the same lines, the Butendorf is an excellent introductory
text: even though it is for C and Posix, almost everything in it
holds for C++, and an awful lot holds for Windows as well.
(Obviously, not the API names, but all of the considerations as
to when you need to lock, etc.)

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