Re: Allocation during process exit

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Marcel_M=FCller?= <>
Wed, 02 Apr 2008 20:06:58 +0200
Christopher schrieb:

Its hard to say as I don't have access to the source causing the
problem, only my dependent source, but looking at the call stack it
appears as though:

1 the process has begun termination
2 global and statics have begun to be deallocated
3 some class in its deconstruction makes a call to a singleton's
GetInstance() method
4 the singleton, in turn, attempts to allocate itself using new and
its constructor,
5 new calls malloc
6 malloc calls _int_malloc
7 _int_ malloc calls _malloc_consolidate()
8 process hangs and never exits

I use the word 'global' to describe the singleton, as its usually a
pointer or reference defined globally which points to or refers to
some memory on the heap.

I think this might be part of the Problem. If the singleton is already
destroyed by the global deallocation the static storage becomes invalid
and accessing it is undefined bahaviour. Furthermore if the singleton is
guaranteed to be thread-safe, the code may access global mutexes and
they either may be no longer valid or they are entered recursively for
some reason. Since your hang is in the C runtime it is likely that the
mutex of the standard memory manager is involved.

If the Singleton is not instantiated anywhere before the program exits,
I would simply try to force the initialization somewhere else in the code.


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