Re: When an application crashes...

red floyd <no.spam@here.dude>
Fri, 11 Apr 2008 21:02:02 GMT
peter koch wrote:

On 11 Apr., 17:42, Alexander Dong Back Kim <>

Hi all,

I'm working on a Linux machine and using g++. I'm developing an
semaphore module for a number of applications in the system.

My question scenario is, an application can lock a resource which is
shared memory segment in this case, after they locked a segment and if
they somehow crash then the lock won't be released because the
application locked the resource is dead.

I hope there must be a way to release the lock so solve this problem
even the application is crashed unexpectedly.

Any idea?

best regards,

Alex D. B. Kim

This should be possible with some kind of heavyweight structure, but
the interesting question is why you would ever want to do that! If the
application crashes while it holds the semaphore, this datastructure
should by definition be defined as corrupted.
As to how to do it, I suggest a Linux group.

He may be using SystemV IPC, which functions that way by design.

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