Re: What's the connection between objects and threads?

James Kanze <>
Tue, 20 May 2008 02:26:28 -0700 (PDT)
On May 19, 7:10 pm, Szabolcs Ferenczi <>

On May 19, 9:13 am, "Chris Thomasson" <> wrote:

"Szabolcs Ferenczi" <> wrote in message
On May 18, 11:43 am, darren <> wrote:

3. A successful accepted connection is put into a queue (from the ST=


4. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, another thread is
created and running that continuously checks for entries
into the queue.

Be aware that although STL is thread-safe to a certain extent,

Where does the current C++ standard say that the STL is
"thread-safe to a certain extent"???

For instance here:
"The SGI implementation of STL is thread-safe only in the sense that
simultaneous accesses to distinct containers are safe, and
simultaneous read accesses to to shared containers are safe. If
multiple threads access a single container, and at least one thread
may potentially write, then the user is responsible for ensuring
mutual exclusion between the threads during the container accesses. "

As others will no doubt point out, that document isn't the
standard, and only applies to a specific implementation. Other
than that, can you give some other definition of "thread safe"
which would be applicable to the standard containers. That is
not "thread-safe to a certain extent", that is "thread-safe",
pure and simple.

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