Re: C++ jobs down another 40%

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Wed, 06 Jan 2010 17:45:06 GMT
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Then, being the rotten thieves they are, ms took the central
ideas of Java and all the associated development work, then
repackaged it and placed a sticker "Microsoft copyrighted
and patented" on it.

What complete nonsense.

You mean every single word of it?


First of all, Java hardly had a single original idea to start with

I simply have to strip the rest of your profound wisdom.
Because it is so utterly uninteresting.

To make such claims, you have to be either utterly "out of this word",
or simply corrupt, to the bone and marrow.

All those jacks that claim that java was not "intellectually
challenging enough" are just bluffing.

First of all, when you work on something, would you like it to
be as hard as impossible, or would you rather have some tools
that make your job EASY?


Are you masochists?

Those stoopid cockpits, stuffed with ALL sorts of garbage,
being driven by the complex of inferiority, forever need
"intellectually challenging" things, so it make them look
"superior". Simple as that.

Java was SPECIFICALLY designed in such a way as to avoid the
unnecessary complexities that do not give you anything of a
real value beyond headaches.

When I do some development work, the first thing I want is
for it to be easy and simple, while, at the same time,
providing me power and flexibility of a static languagages.

Why static languages? First of all, performance and ability
to do most advanced things related to multithreading,
synchronization, events, asynchronous processing and things
like that.

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