Re: should we call exit() inside exceptional catching blocks

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26 Mar 2007 07:43:46 -0700
On Mar 26, 1:28 am, "Alexander Block" <> wrote:

On 26 Mrz., 11:23, ""

<> wrote:

Is the following code (without any code at lines x and x + 3) correct?
Is it better to call exit() or re-throw the exceptions at line x and
line x + 3?. What is the better code should we place at line x and
line x + 3?

try {
    cnn = env->createConnection(user, pwd, db);} catch (SQLException &esql){

    cerr << "DB Exception: " << esql.getMessage();
    /* line x ? */} catch (exception &e){

    cerr << "Exception: " << e.what();
    /* line x + 3 ? */


/*more code*/

           , why do you catch it here? You should have a try/catch

Do you mean the second try/catch block in my previous post?

} catch (exception &e){

statement in your lowest application level (your main function for
example) that catches all uncaught exceptions. This allows all
destructors in the stack to be called and makes it possible to
gracefully clean up everything.

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