Re: vectors

Rolf Magnus <>
Thu, 11 May 2006 12:02:06 +0200
jagguy wrote:

Could someone please tell me a use for vectors in C++. I know they are
popular today but I am struggling to come up for a use.
Since we now have database programs to connect to in the code, why would
we need this extra storage a database couldn't handle?
Maybe you could use a container to store results from database fields eg
some temperary calculation of 2 fields done over again.

thanks for some of the tips.
A database is a container and most of the time rarely suffers huge
performance losses compared to reading all the data in some temperary
storage, manipulating it then writing back.

Actually, I'd expext a database to be much much slower than a vector. The
advantage is that it can handle huge amounts of data without a significant
slowdown and that it stores its data persistantly.

If we know the database size to begin with and we want temperary storage
then an array will do full of object pointers if need be.

And if we don't know the size at compile-time?

I just haven't seen anyone claim we just use a vector for database like
applications then write back to a file when finished with it all , as I
have asked around and it isn't a common problem by the looks of it.

Well, if you need a database, use a database. A vector is something
different that has other uses. If your question was "why use a vector for
the tasks of a database if we have a database", then the answer would be
that there is no reason.

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