Re: Good editor for Linux?

James Kanze <>
27 Apr 2007 00:30:35 -0700
On Apr 26, 6:07 pm, Erik Wikstr=F6m <> wrote:

On 2007-04-26 11:28, James Kanze wrote:

On Apr 24, 7:21 pm, Erik Wikstr=F6m <> wrote:

Now, Visual Studio it knows that vec is of type std::vector<int> and
what members it has, so as I type the '.' a list appears with all the
members, and as I start typing the word 'insert' (in this case as soon
as I type the 'i') insert will be selected in the list. When the member
I want is selected I press Enter without typing the whole name.

I'm not sure I'd want it to pop up a list systematically; I know
vector well enough that it would just be visual clutter. But
having a hot key for it to do so does sound nice.

I think that is configurable somehow, I've just never bothered.


I know the feeling. Most editors today have so many options,
you could spend years just learning them all.

Can it handle user defined classes as well? Under what
conditions? (Obviously, I presume that it the collegue hasn't
yet written the .hpp file, it won't be able to say much:-). On
the other hand, I can imagine something like that being very
helpful with third party libraries, like wxWidgets.)

If it has the .h file it will generally work, sometimes it takes a
little while before it updates the database and sometimes it fails but
it does recognize all of my types in my current project.

I don't think you can really ask it to work without some
input:-). Ideally, of course, it would adapt to whatever
documentation conventions you're using, maybe popping up a
window with the Doxygen generated documentation, but that's
probably asking too much of existing technology.

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