Re: Vista, CreateFile and Shadow Copy

"Ben Voigt [C++ MVP]" <rbv@nospam.nospam>
Mon, 11 Jun 2007 12:05:44 -0500
"WB" <> wrote in message


I have an applicaiton that works fine on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and also
Windows 2003 Server. However I am seeing some odd behaviour which I think
to do with the shadow copy fieature of Vista.

Probably not.

I have an application that runs as a service and uses a sqlite database
(basically a random access file) for configuration. If the service exe is
from a command line (from a user account) it allows the user to modify
certain configuration parameters. The configuraiton file is within the
c:\program\myapp directory if that has anything to do with this)

However what I am finding is that while the client application can update
the database file and on subsequent invocations shows the same updated
information, the service always seems to be using somehow an older copy of
the database file. So what I am seeing is that the service can not use
updated database and instead appears to be using a shadow copy of the file
instead. Which results in my application configuration changes never being
able to be seen by the service. I've even deleted the configuration file
had my service recreate it to ensure that we are operating on teh same
and still I can not get the changes reflected from the user run
to that of the service.

Where is this file? If it is in Program Files, then one or the other may be
redirected to a user-local copy by UAC.

Could this be to do with the way that the database is being openned. In
looking at the SQLITE code it would appear that when both the user run exe
and the widows service are executed that they both call the same
function with the following details

  h = CreateFileW((WCHAR*)zConverted,

So I'm wondering why is it that the one application reads and writes to
newer version yet the same application (but run as a service) appears to
always using the shadow copy ? The only other item that I can consider is
possibility that the service runs under session 0 and so some how has an
affinity to the version of the DB that it has created ?

Any help on this or pointers to any tweaks that I need to do within the
would be of great help.

Also this is running under Vista Business edition with the latest updates
from MS and is basically a brand new install.



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