Re: help old VBasic programmer with simple file read , Please :)

 James Kanze <>
Fri, 15 Jun 2007 09:12:52 -0000
On Jun 14, 11:11 am, terminator <> wrote:

On Jun 14, 8:30 am, Rolf Magnus <> wrote:

#include "stdafx.h"

Even through its name starts with "std", it is a non-standard header. I=


not needed for your program.

this line is microsoft specific and nescesary for correct compilation
of projects on VS family of C++ compilers.

It's not required by the version of VC++ that's present in the
free Visual Studios 2005, and it wasn't necessary in VC++ 6.0
when I last used it (some five or six years ago).

Such extententions can be
faced on some platforms.note that "stdafx.h" is double-quated("") not
braced(<>),this means that it is part of project not library .

It means that it is not provided by the implementation. If it's
something you wrote, you should provide it for us, so we can see
what you put in it.

Note that implementations do provide non-standard headers. Or
"other-standard" headers:-); on my system, I often use
<unistd.h>, which can't really be called "non-standard", since
it is defined in the Posix standard. But it's not C++ standard,
and I don't post code using it here, except as an example in
special cases (and then explicitly saying that it is system
dependant). Under Windows, I would consider <windows.h> an
implementation header, to be included using <...>, and not
"...". For that matter, I consider Sybase or Oracle part of my
"implementation", and include their headers using <...> as well,
and would do the same thing for many other third party librarys:
Boost especially, but also things like wxWidgets.

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